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The Risks of Saving Money

I’m amazed at how often I hear people say they are afraid to invest in the stock market because they believe it is too high-risk. Often, the same people are already taking financial risks – albeit smaller ones – in … Continue reading

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What is a Money Market Fund?

In my recent article about how to start an IRA with $1 in 15 minutes, I said that you would be putting your money into a money market fund. I thought I should explain in more detail what this is … Continue reading

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Not All 401(k) Plans Are The Same – Five Issues Everyone Should Know

I personally deal mostly with taxes in my professional capacity of an accountant. However, I have also come across a lot of the ins-and-outs when it comes to 401(k) plans as I used to audit 401(k) plans for large companies, … Continue reading

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Money Hack: How To Open Up An IRA For $1 In 15 Minutes

NOTE: It appears that while the process described in this article originally worked, Fidelity has closed the loophole and you now need the minimums you described to open the account. Most people have the impression that in order to open … Continue reading

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Should I Buy A House Or Rent? (Your Advice)

There is rarely a single answer in personal finances that fits for everyone. Due to this, issues that you always assumed were easy to answer may be more difficult that your thought. That is a question I received from a … Continue reading

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Mutual Funds Or Bank? (Your Advice)

When it comes to where to invest your money, a lot of people get overwhelmed with all the options that are available. A lot depends on your individual circumstances and what the money is to be used for in the … Continue reading

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Why You’re Likely To Be In A Higher Tax Bracket When You Retire

Something has been bugging me about IRAs lately. Most of the time I read an article or discussion about Traditional IRAs, as opposed to ROTH IRAs, I see that it is a pretty common assumption that income tax rates will … Continue reading

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What To Do With Retirement Funds After Retirement? (Your Advice)

When it’s time to leave a job you have more than the loss of income to think about in regard to your personal finances. You also need decide what you will do with the accumulated money in retirement plans at … Continue reading

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Being Young Changes All The (Financial) Rules

I keep reading general financial advice and disagreeing as it applies to me. Obviously, every one has a unique financial situation. Overall, it is better to get financial advice tailored toward your own situation. But over and over I notice … Continue reading

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The Fastest and Safest Way to Real Estate Wealth

Since I live in an area of the country where housing prices are higher than what I can afford, I was considering buying property in a very affordable state where I used to live and renting the property out. That … Continue reading

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Tax Free Free Investment Gains From 2008 – 2010

Just when you think the tax code couldn’t get more complicated, we approach 2010, when a multitude of taxes are waived and taxpayers are given large breaks (e.g. estate taxes repealed in 2010). There is one newer tax provision, however, … Continue reading

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On The Right Financial Road? (Your Advice)

When you make financial decisions, there are times when you’d like to have others take a look at the decisions you have made and give their honest opinion on whether or not they think you’re on the right track. That … Continue reading

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Your Car Is Not An Investment – And Neither Are Some Of the Other Things You’re Pretending Are

In order to justify expensive purchases, many people, including plenty of otherwise very intelligent folks, like to refer to certain types of spending sprees as “investments.” Luckily for me, from the time I was about four years old, my father … Continue reading

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Why I Say Buy A Big New House

Hanging around the frugal online personal finance communities I see the general advice to buy the cheapest house you can afford. I disagree with this pretty heavily. We moved to a lower cost of living area in our early 20s … Continue reading

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Investment Strategy – Another Way To Donate Money

Donating appreciated stock to charity is a very common tax tool for the wealthy. When you donate stock that you have held for more than a year (through direct transfer of the stock to the charity) you get a tax … Continue reading

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Financial Laziness

A lot of problems with finances are the direct result of being financially lazy. That is, you know what you should be doing, but you’re just too lazy (or have a convenient excuse) not to do it. And while life … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why The Forever Stamp Is A Lousy Investment

There has been some discussion and I have received a couple of emails pertaining to the question of how good of an investment the forever stamp will be when it arrives. My answer: Lousy. While on first appearances purchasing forever … Continue reading

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Investing In Your Debt

It always amazes me that people want to invest their money in stocks when they are carrying credit card debt with double digit interest rates. Except for a few people that credit card arbitrage, almost everyone is better of investing … Continue reading

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10 Key Questions To Ask About Franchises

When people decide that they want to leave the corporate rat race and build their own business, they will often be faced with the choice of whether to purchase a franchise business rather than start from scratch. Franchises offer many … Continue reading

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Brush Up Your Investing

If you are looking for ways to begin, improve and / or confirm your investing knowledge, you don’t have to pay a lot (or any in this case) money to do so. Morningstar offers 172 free investing classes broken down … Continue reading

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