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Uber Wants Your Flu Shots to Be Directly Delivered to You with UberHealth

When it comes to medical care, especially for basics like a yearly flu shot, there is no longer a need to make a visit to your doctor. Many drug stores and grocery stores now offer flu shots on their premises, … Continue reading

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Can a $1000 a Pill Hepatitis C Drug Really Save Prisons Money?

With over 3 million cases of Hepatitis C in the US alone, it comes as no surprise pharmaceutical companies put great resources into testing new medications to help fight the disease. Gilead Sciences of Foster City received approval for a … Continue reading

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An Easy Way to Get Teens to Stop Drinking as Much Soda: Link It to Exercise

Here’s a question that everyone should be asking the next time they pick up a soda. Is the soda worth walking five miles or running for an hour? That’s exactly how long it would take to work off every can … Continue reading

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Whole Foods Unveils New Ranking System for Fruits and Vegetables

Taking into consideration such things such as pesticides, energy and water usage, Whole Foods will now be ranking much of the produce and flowers it sells. The rankings will consist of “Best”, “Better” and “Good” designations, which will indicate how … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Diet May Conquer Metabolic Disorders Such as Heart Disease

About 25% of the world’s population struggles with a metabolic disorder, whether it be diabetes, obesity, or high blood pressure. These are challenging health issues many have been working for years to reverse. Fortunately, a new study from the Canadian … Continue reading

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Can a Chemical Found in Broccoli Help Treat Autism?

Researchers have found a chemical in certain vegetables reduces autism symptoms in those treated with it. Sulforaphane is found in cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower and has been shown to help adults and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), otherwise known … Continue reading

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Sofas Present Deadly Threat to Sleeping Infants

Sleeping on sofas increases the likelihood of SIDS, according to a study published in the online journal, Pediatrics. Reviewing almost 8,000 SIDS deaths, researchers found that approximately 12 percent of them were related to sleeping on a sofa. SIDS is … Continue reading

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Frozen Poop Capsules Allow for Oral Fecal Transplants to Stop Gut Infections

  A new study shows that a capsule with a single, surprising ingredient may help fight off the infection caused by Clostridium difficile. Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital froze healthy stool, encapsulated it, and administered the tablets to 20 people … Continue reading

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FDA Approves Single-Dose $1125 a Pill Hepatitis C Cure as Breakthrough Drug

A new drug called Harvoni, to treat chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1 infection (HCV), has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but it comes with a hefty cost, at $1125 per pill . That means that … Continue reading

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Airports Take Extreme Precautions To Screen for Ebola Wasting Millions of Dollars

Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. died this Wednesday. After two weeks of intensive care treatment using experimental medicine at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, the Liberian man passed away at … Continue reading

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Stem Cell Breakthrough Could Eventually Cure Type I Diabetes, Help with Type II

Promising his diabetic children he would find a cure, Harvard Researcher Doug Melton is very close to keeping that promise. Using both stem cells from human embryos and human skin cells, Melton has found a way to make cells produce … Continue reading

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Pepsi and Coke Lobby Against Junk Food Tax in US as Mexico Tax Hurts Earnings

When it comes to junk food taxes, there’s a lot of money to be lost if they take effect. That is one of the reasons the two biggest names in the beverage industry have been spending millions of their earnings … Continue reading

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Your Gluten Intolerance May All Be in Your Mind

If you have self-diagnosed yourself as gluten intolerant, that intolerance is all in your mind, according to a study conducted by Peter Gibson, a professor at Monash University in Australia, and published in the journal Gastroenterology. The finding suggest that … Continue reading

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Eating with Overweight Friends Can Be Bad for Your Health

How much influence can an overweight friend have on your eating habits? A lot more than you probably imagined, according to recent study published in the journal Appetite. The study suggests that eating with someone who may be overweight can … Continue reading

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Facebook Wants You to Trust Them with Your Healthcare

While it may seem that Facebook has already infiltrated every aspect of our lives, there is one area which has conspicuously been missing, but that may not be the case much longer. Facebook is taking steps to dive into the … Continue reading

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Are You Curious About This Article? Being So Will Help Improve Your Memory

If you clicked through to read this article because you’re curious about what it will say about improving your memory, there is a good chance your curiosity in learning about it will help you do exactly that. You’ll be more … Continue reading

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Putting Caffeine Into Underwear Doesn’t Help You to Lose Weight

It sounds so ridiculous that millions of people actually thought it might work. The claim in question was that underwear infused with such things as caffeine could help the person wearing it to lose weight. On Monday, the Federal Trade … Continue reading

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500 Sick, Four Dead and Suspected Paralysis Due to Enterovirus D68

Three children and one adult with enterovirus D68 have died thus far this year, with the most recent death being that of a 10-year-old Rhode Island girl last week. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) and Rhode Island … Continue reading

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Losing Your Smell May Indicate Death Is Just around the Corner

Your sense of smell indicates more about your health than you think. Typically, aging symptoms include loss of memory and weakened flexibility and physical strength. However, recent studies have proven that the inability to identify certain scents may be a … Continue reading

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Feeling the Hospital Fear? Try These Tips

As the news media flings stories of Ebola, MRSA and MERS directly at your eyeballs, it’s difficult not to be terrified about a stay in a hospital. Like staying in a haunted house consisting entirely of superbugs and hacksaw wielding … Continue reading

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