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HMO vs PPO and Why the Difference Matters

Choosing between a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is not always an easy decision. One may save you money but limit your options or add inconvenient steps to getting health care for you or your family. … Continue reading

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Senior Citizen Discounts That Help You Stay Young

It’s coming! Senior Citizens Day is August 21, 2015. It’s a day when we recognize the older citizens of our community. This is important because they helped build the society we live in today. Many of them fought in wars, built … Continue reading

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10 Ways Global Warming May Affect Your Finances

While some people who believe global warming isn’t a legitimate issue to be concerned about, most economic and geologic signs point towards global warming. Many people believe that global warming only impacts the weather, but it actually will impact the … Continue reading

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According to the CDC, 1 in 68 Children are Autistic

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, autism is becoming more and more prevalent: 1975: 1 in 5,000 children were diagnosed with autism 2002: 1 in 150 2012: 1 in 68 That’s a roughly 65 percent increase between … Continue reading

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Return Your Chicken! 2 Million Pounds Recalled (Sysco brand, Safeway, Schwan’s, etc.)

It wasn’t long ago that Barber Foods recalled 1.7 million pounds of chicken. Aspen Foods is now recalling 1.9 million pounds of chicken. This is the result of 3 people in Minnesota falling ill from salmonella poisoning. You may not have … Continue reading

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Florida Officials Warn Swimmers of Vibrio Vulnificus: A Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria

For those planning a summer trip down to Florida, there’s more in the water than sharks to be worried about. There were 32 cases of people infected with Vibrio Vulnificus. This year in Florida, there have been 7 people infected, … Continue reading

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New CPR App Can Help Save the Lives of Cardiac Arrest Victims

The American Heart Association (AHA) estimates some 359,000 Americans will suffer a sudden cardiac arrest during their normal everyday activities, and away from a hospital. Statistics show when this happens, bystanders will perform CPR before emergency medical personnel arrive approximately … Continue reading

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New Study Shows Your Toothbrush Is Likely Covered in A Light Mist of Poop

Did you live in a residence hall when you were in college or are you currently sharing a bathroom with roommates or family? If you answered yes to either question, you may find a new published study particularly interesting (and … Continue reading

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Female Sex Pill Flibanserin Gets FDA Panel Support

Women may finally begin to see drugs help fight lower sex drive as they get older. For the first time ever, a panel of health experts has recommended to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve a drug aimed … Continue reading

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Your Contact Lenses Increase Your Chance of Eye Infections

If you wear contacts, you may be far more familiar than you’d like to be when it comes to eye infections and the costs associated with them. Even if you have been able to avoid such nuisances, according to a … Continue reading

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Did the Rise in Packaged Holidays Increase the Number of People with Skin Cancer?

When you think of a holiday, thoughts of the bright sun, warm sand and clear waters might come to mind. Conversely, thoughts of melanoma and skin cancer would likely remain in the back of your mind if they appear at … Continue reading

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Mars Missions May Damage the Brains of Astronauts

­­For years, physicians have known that radiation treatment can cause cognitive and memory problems in cancer patients, a condition commonly known as having “chemo brain.” More specifically, as described by the American Cancer Association, symptoms of “chemo brain” can include … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Gives Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer A Reduced Risk of Dying

According to statistics from, approximately 1 in 8 U.S. women (or about 12 percent) will develop invasive breast cancer in the course of her lifetime. And despite the decreasing incidence rates (which have been falling since 2000), 232,670 new … Continue reading

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Teens Quitting Traditional Tobacco, But Triple Percentage Increase in E-Cig Use

Despite years of successful anti-smoking advocacy, the number of adolescents using tobacco products could increase given the popularity of electronic cigarettes, also known as personal vaporizers or e-cigs. These battery-powered devices are designed to produce “a similar feel to tobacco … Continue reading

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What’s the Average Cost of Braces

For those still single, a 2013 survey of 5,500 unattached adults ages 21 and older found nearly 60 percent of men cared most about “good teeth in a potential date,” whereas 71 percent of women ranked “teeth” as essential to … Continue reading

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Two Health Labs Settle False Claims Act Dispute for $48.5 million

In a blog post for the popular website, physician Anees Chagpar summarizes the most enduring problem with America’s healthcare system, “We [the United States] spend more per capita than any other nation on Earth, and yet the Organization for … Continue reading

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Sabra Dipping Company Recalls Classic Hummus Due to Listeria Find

Listeria has been in the news quite a bit this year. At the beginning of the year, the bacteria was found in carmel apples. In March listeria was found to be a contributing factor in three deaths due to the consumption … Continue reading

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Way Too Much Salt in Packaged and Processed Foods According to CDC

Too much of anything can be bad, especially salt. As the consumption of salt increases, the amount of sodium in an individual’s bloodstream also rises, forcing the body to “hold extra water” in order to dilute the effects of the … Continue reading

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Studies Show Weight Loss Surgery Helps Joint Replacement and Asthma

Obesity is often associated with a high prevalence of psychopathological conditions such as depression and anxiety. Thus, it is no wonder that weight loss surgery can improve a person’s mental health, including his or her body image, self-esteem and self-concept. … Continue reading

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Coffee Can Offset Cancer Risk for Those Who Consume 3 Alcoholic Drinks a Day

The liver is one of the body’s hardest working organs responsible for filtering out toxins that circulate in the bloodstream, as well as converting nutrients to usable biomolecules. Given its primary role in keeping the body healthy, cancers of the … Continue reading

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