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$40 Billion of National Park Assets at Risk Due to Climate Change

An anniversary is usually a cause for celebration. Gifts are exchanged. Happiness is spread. Memories are shared. The U.S. Department of the Interior has a different idea about how it will mark the two-year anniversary of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. … Continue reading

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We Have Entered a New Period of Extinction

You can probably guess with a good degree of certainty just which creatures were wiped out during the last mass extinction on Earth. That’s right: the dinosaurs. Well, to be more accurate, it was the non-avian dinosaurs that were wiped … Continue reading

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Bird Flu Outbreak Causing Egg Shortage and Rising Prices

Did you notice a recent price increase for the carton of eggs you just bought? If so, it is likely due to a flu outbreak that is rapidly spreading throughout the United States. A recent shortage in eggs in America … Continue reading

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New Study Shows Your Toothbrush Is Likely Covered in A Light Mist of Poop

Did you live in a residence hall when you were in college or are you currently sharing a bathroom with roommates or family? If you answered yes to either question, you may find a new published study particularly interesting (and … Continue reading

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Seattle Finds Free Ping Pong in the Park Reduces Crime

If you were serving on a task force to reduce crime in your community, you would probably hear plenty of ideas that are common. Hiring more police officers could help reduce crime, as could placing motion video cameras around high-crime … Continue reading

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US Economy Adds 280000 Jobs in May

The always anticipated monthly jobs report was released by the Labor Department on Friday revealing some positive news for the U.S. economy. The report showed 280,000 jobs had been added for the month of May. This comes as a surprise … Continue reading

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Glide Foundation Lunch with Warren Buffett Costs $2.3 Million in 2015

Ever gone out to lunch with someone and offered to pick up the tab? What did it cost you? Twenty, maybe thirty dollars for a nice social outing? Generally not an amount that would really break the bank. But would … Continue reading

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Your Contact Lenses Increase Your Chance of Eye Infections

If you wear contacts, you may be far more familiar than you’d like to be when it comes to eye infections and the costs associated with them. Even if you have been able to avoid such nuisances, according to a … Continue reading

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