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23 Pieces of Advice that College Graduates Don’t Want to Hear

You’ve finally done it — earned that coveted diploma. You’re feeling a bit cocky. Your parents are wondering why they had to pay for your expensive education when you already knew everything. Now it’s time to enter The Real World, … Continue reading

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33 Ways To Save Money That Take Less Than A Minute

One issue many people have with trying to save money is that they believe it takes too much time and effort. The members of the forums came up with 33 money-saving tips, each of which takes less than a minute … Continue reading

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83 Things You Can Do With a Penny

Many people assume that the penny is no longer good for anything, but not according to members from the forums – there are still a lot of things that you can do with a penny. Here are 83 of them … Continue reading

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10 Financial Reasons to Walk

We all know that walking has health rewards, but it can have financial rewards as well. Here are ten financial reasons you should consider walking: It’s free. This is the most obvious reason. You have to pay to own or … Continue reading

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10 Reasons To Hate Finances

Math Like many people, for some unknown reason I grew up with fear and loathing of mathematics. It was always my worse subject in school. Just mention words like “hypotenuse” and “calculus” and my eyes still glaze over. So it’s … Continue reading

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Cost Of Early Tech Adoption – Credit Score Video Contest – If I Had My Life To Live Over

Early Adopter Tech Nightmare: We’ve mentioned before that having the patience to wait can save you a significant amount of money. This highlights that exact same issue on a grander scale when communities locked in monthly rates for Internet service … Continue reading

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100 Billion FICO Credit Scores Sold

Fair Isaac Corporation’s best known product, the FICO score, is a teenager who has virtually cornered the market. For eighteen years, the three-digit number has been the preeminent risk predictor used by lenders when deciding whether to grant credit to … Continue reading

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Did You Know You Have No Legal Rights To Your Vacation?

It’s almost time for summer vacations, but did you know there is no U.S. law that requires your boss to give you a single paid day of vacation time? Ever. Many companies do, probably due to competitive pressures, but twenty-five … Continue reading

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Cashing In On Class Action Settlements

How can you win a lawsuit without paying for a lawyer? Be a member of a class action lawsuit that settles. A class action lawsuit starts as a David vs. Goliath struggle when an ordinary consumer takes on a corporate … Continue reading

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10 Stupid Arguments For Not Paying Your Income Taxes

The IRS hears so many of the same ridiculous arguments by people claiming they are not liable to pay income tax that it has posted a 64-page document on its website called “The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments.” It sets … Continue reading

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Spring Forward Early To Save On Electricity

It’s been a long, cold, rough winter in many parts of the U.S., but due to a new federal law, spring will be coming early this year. As part of the The Energy Policy Act of 2005, the U.S. will … Continue reading

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Community Reinvestment Act Mortgage Loans

There is yet another shady deal going around with mortgage loans these days. If you receive an offer from a lender or mortgage broker under a “Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Program” endorsed by the Federal Reserve Board, raise that red … Continue reading

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Favors That Can Be Financially Fatal

At some point it’s likely that a friend or family member will ask you for a financial favor. When this happens, you may genuinely want to help or you may also feel pressured to do so. In either case, you … Continue reading

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“Free School” At A Cost Of $10,000

This isn’t your typical school. Imagine a school where there are no grades, classes, tests, or homework. Instead, the students, who range from ages 5 to 15, can do whatever they want all day. And for letting the kids do … Continue reading

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Cell Phones: Compare Plans At A Glance

One of the many problems with getting a good cell phone plan that meets your needs is that there are a dizzying array of cell phone plans available. To make it even more confusing for the average person, the offers … Continue reading

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Frequent Flyer Miles: Keep Them From Crashing

Frequent flyer miles was a fantastic and simple idea when it began a few decades ago. All you had to do was fly on your favorite airline and you could earn points for every mile you traveled. When you had … Continue reading

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The Prenup Question

Whether you get engaged on Valentine’s Day or any other time during the year, the least romantic question about a forthcoming marriage is whether or not to create a prenuptial agreement (often referred to as a prenup or prenup agreement). … Continue reading

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Simple Resume Mistakes To Avoid

No matter where you stand with your job, even if you have just started, it’s in your best interest to always keep an updated resume handy if an opportunity arises. You never know who you might meet, when you may … Continue reading

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Check Scams – Don’t Fall For These

It’s the con artists’ job to try to part you from your money and they continue to practice their line of work in new ways. One of their latest ploy that is meeting with success and you should be on … Continue reading

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How Buying Mice Saved $15,000 Of Your Tax Dollars

You’ve likely heard of numerous stories in the past about the government spending ridiculously high amounts of money on basic items such as the $640 toilet seat, the $435 claw hammer and $7,600 for coffee makers. In an effort to … Continue reading

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