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Investment Strategy – Another Way To Donate Money

Donating appreciated stock to charity is a very common tax tool for the wealthy. When you donate stock that you have held for more than a year (through direct transfer of the stock to the charity) you get a tax … Continue reading

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Maxing Out Retirement = Saving Too Much?

I came across an interesting online discussion the other day, about how maxing out both a 401k and an IRA was simply a lot of over-saving. The discussion was based on some article about a single adult male who maxed … Continue reading

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Taxes Have Political Correctness Issues

In the spirit of political correctness, the IRS long ago did away with the old designations of “husband” and “wife” on individual tax returns, and replaced them with “taxpayer” and “spouse.” The result of this change has led to many … Continue reading

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How To Extend Your Tax Return

As April 17th approaches, the inevitable question is, “Have you filed your taxes yet?” Hopefully you are all on the ball and if you had a refund due, you filed back around February 1 and if you owed, you are … Continue reading

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Letter of Instructions – What You Need After Your Will

If you have already prepared a will, power of attorney, health care directive, and perhaps a living trust if it is right for your circumstance, well, good for you. You can pat yourself on the back. But don’t get too … Continue reading

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Mortgage Impounds – What You Need To Know

If you own a home, you have probably heard of an impound account, sometimes referred to as an escrow account. So what is an impound account anyway, and is it a good idea? An impound account is an account that … Continue reading

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When Should You Opt For A Professional Tax Preparer?

Well, we all know it is that time of year. If you haven’t had your taxes done by now, maybe you are still trying to decide how you will go about getting them done. I did a recent article on … Continue reading

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Bogus IRS Websites and Scams

The IRS website and many state government websites can provide information on the status of your income tax refunds. But at the same time, they request very personal information such as your social security number and your income, in order … Continue reading

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IRS Free File – The Key Is State Taxes

By now, you’re probably well aware that you can Free File your federal taxes through the IRS Free File program. What hasn’t been discussed a lot is that which of the programs you should choose to do your federal taxes … Continue reading

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Why Are Bonuses So Heavily Taxed?

You’ve probably wondered why your bonuses are so heavily taxed. It’s all in the tax law. There are two methods to determine bonus withholding. One method is called the Percentage Method; the other is the Aggregate Method. Which method is … Continue reading

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Charitable Tax Deduction Donantion Changes

There are a number of new tax laws in recent years when it comes to charitable contribution deductions. These are some pretty significant changes, so keep in mind the following as you do your taxes in regard to the cash … Continue reading

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Dissecting Your Paycheck

So you made it out into the real world and received your first paycheck. Wait a minute…Where did it all go? You were expecting X amount of dollars, but probably received a lot less. It amazes me how little the … Continue reading

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Tips On Using offers gift certificates for restaurants, at discount prices. You can pay $10 for a $25 gift certificate or $3 for a $10 certificate. Most people when they first hear about this wonderful find are a little skeptical. What is … Continue reading

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Where’s George

Have you ever been curious about where the paper money in your pocket has been, and where it goes after it leaves your hand? If so, is the website for you. The Where’s George? Website was started in 1998, … Continue reading

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