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Johnny Manziel Has a Bad Draft Day, Loses More than $10 million

It was a long an agonizing wait as cameras focused on Johnny Manziel’s every move with each pick of the NFL draft. The hype before the NFL draft was whether or not Manziel would be the first pick of the … Continue reading

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Only Suckers Will Play the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge Data Mining Scam

Update: Nobody who participated in the Billion Dollar Bracket challenge managed to get passed the first round of the NCAA tournament with a perfect bracket. It took only 25 games for everyone in the contest to be eliminated from the … Continue reading

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Should Athletes Pay Taxes on Olympic Medal Bonus Money?

I read the article where Olympic athletes who win medals at the Sochi winter games will have to pay taxes on the money. Almost every person I’ve talked to about this says that it’s wrong, and that they should be … Continue reading

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Why Duck Dynasty Was Right Even if You Think Phil Robertson Was Wrong

I have both liberal and conservative friends, and they have completely opposite views as to whether what Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty said about gays was right or wrong. That issue can be debated for hours, and I’m sure that … Continue reading

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The Myth That Quitting Smoking Will Save Money

I know that what I’m about to write will go against everything that conventional wisdom and financial experts preach, but the truth is that quitting smoking does not save money — at least not in the short-term. Let’s start by … Continue reading

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Investing Hack: Why I bought $199 in Apple Stock Instead of a New Apple 3G iPhone

I’m a big fan of index funds because, quite frankly, I don’t know much about investing and I would rather spend my time doing other things than learning how to invest in individual companies. Warren Buffett agrees with me on … Continue reading

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I Just Traded in My Fuel Efficient Car for a SUV

When it seems that everyone wants to trade in their SUV for a more fuel efficient car, it might come as a surprise that I just purchased a SUV to replace my fuel efficient car. Although I have been told … Continue reading

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How I Lived in Million Dollar Homes for Free

For nine years I lived in million dollar homes for free and it is something that anyone who is neat and conscientious can easily do. My junior year in college, a professor who I had assisted received a year long … Continue reading

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Don’t be Mr. Cheap

Dear Mr. Cheap, You know exactly who you are so I don’t feel a need to name you. While I know that you think that you are being sly and saving yourself a lot of money, let me say that … Continue reading

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Financial Advice from a Call Girl: How Great Sex Can Make You Rich

When people think about the best financial advice they have ever received, it usually comes from a family member, a close mentor or a financial guru. So it’s with a bit of embarrassment that I must admit that the best … Continue reading

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Why You Don’t Want A Budget

Conventional wisdom says that you should have a budget to get the most out of your money. While I believe a budget is a good thing to have when money is tight and you are first learning how to take … Continue reading

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What You’re Not

By S. Shugars In this consumer centered world that we live in, it is often easy to forget that: You are not the car you drive. You are not the house you live in. You are not the clothes you … Continue reading

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Am I the Only One That Realizes That Having My Groceries Delivered Makes Financial Sense?

Conventional wisdom says that paying to have your groceries delivered to your door is a waste of money. I have to disagree with this assessment. I have found that having my groceries delivered has saved me far more time and … Continue reading

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