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Using Points to Save Money at Christmas

I have never been able to make money online. I’m terrible at it. I’ve done survey sites, sign-up for stuff sites, read these email sites and rate our product sites. I’m resigned to the fact that I’m just not creative … Continue reading

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9 Ways to Maximize Time in College

One of the major costs of college is the amount of time you stay there. By being able to graduate in a shorter period of time, students can not only save on tuition, but also college related expenses such as … Continue reading

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Cut College Costs in Half through Community College

While one way to cut the cost of college is take AP classes, many cost saving college pundits suggest another is going to a less expensive community college rather than starting straight off at a more expensive 4-year university. I … Continue reading

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How to Reduce College Credit Cost By 90%

Oh the AP tests. One 4-hour exam can determine the fate of a whole college course. The 1st two weeks each May, high schoolers across the US gather at testing sites to spill their brains onto their testing booklets in … Continue reading

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Have More Fun For Free

So you have decided to zip up your wallet or cut up the credit cards so you can start meeting your financial goals. Fantastic. But, um, what are you supposed to do for fun? Have no fear, fellow frugal friends. … Continue reading

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The Great Secret to Cheap Dental Care

Within the US and Canada there are over 60 dental schools which provide inexpensive dental treatment. With locations all over the US from Louisville, New York City, Ft Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Omaha, and Chapel Hill it is very likely there … Continue reading

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Public Transportation for Dummies

The other day on the light rail I sat near a woman. Let’s call her Sally Jesse. Sally Jesse spun her head around every time we stopped, asked everyone around her what station we were at, and promptly swiveled around … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Ditch the Car in College and 5 Ways to Do It

Last year I went without a car in my first year of graduate school. The result? I saved myself $2000 in student loans, just in parking, gas, and insurance. With education costs rising, cutting out car expenses can really be … Continue reading

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Money Communication with Weekly Pow-wows

Shortly after my husband and I got engaged, he asked to take a look at how much I had in student loans. He knew that my graduate program cost a lot, but had no idea how much in the red … Continue reading

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