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The Unemployment Rate Drops to Seven Year Low

The Goldilocks principle posits that “something must fall within certain margins, as opposed to reaching extremes,” and a recent report from the U.S. Labor Department suggests that the U.S. economy is sticking strictly to this tenet. According to Brian Jacobsen, … Continue reading

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Stamp Out Hunger Post Office Day 2015

In an emotional interview with Glamour magazine , actress Viola Davis described the pain she suffered as a child, a pain nearly 17 million children in America still suffer, “I was always so hungry and ashamed, I couldn’t tap into … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Being a Freelancer

There are countless articles written about the “9-to-5 grind” and likewise, how to manage the psychological dissatisfaction and disillusionment people often feel traversing to work Monday morning. If you work as a freelancer, however, such complaints might very well sound … Continue reading

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Did the Rise in Packaged Holidays Increase the Number of People with Skin Cancer?

When you think of a holiday, thoughts of the bright sun, warm sand and clear waters might come to mind. Conversely, thoughts of melanoma and skin cancer would likely remain in the back of your mind if they appear at … Continue reading

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Large Herbivore Extinction May Create Empty Landscapes

The term “herbivore” is used to describe an organism that feeds on mostly plants, and according to the National Geographic Education portal, herbivores can range in size from “tiny insects…to large, lumbering elephants.” Recently, the larger, mammalian variety has been in … Continue reading

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Tesla Looks to Change Your Home Energy Use with Powerwall Batteries

Tesla has just become much more than an electric car company. Tesla’s CEO announced late last week that the company is launching a new venture that he hopes will put the Tesla brand in every home and business in the … Continue reading

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Mars Missions May Damage the Brains of Astronauts

­­For years, physicians have known that radiation treatment can cause cognitive and memory problems in cancer patients, a condition commonly known as having “chemo brain.” More specifically, as described by the American Cancer Association, symptoms of “chemo brain” can include … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Enters Presidential Race with $1.5 Million Haul in First 24 Hours

Socialism is a word that seems to strike fear into the hearts of politicians and citizens from across the political spectrum. Properly defined, socialism is an economic and social system in which “social ownership of the means of production and … Continue reading

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Why Oil Prices May Fall as Low as $20 a Barrel

If you didn’t think oil prices could go any lower, now is a good time to think again. Oil from U.S. shale (an unconventional method of producing oil from rock fragments through pyrolysis, hydrogenation or thermal dissolution), has driven crude … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Gives Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer A Reduced Risk of Dying

According to statistics from, approximately 1 in 8 U.S. women (or about 12 percent) will develop invasive breast cancer in the course of her lifetime. And despite the decreasing incidence rates (which have been falling since 2000), 232,670 new … Continue reading

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Two Huge Magma Chambers Sitting Beneath Yellowstone National Park

Apparently, there is more to the Yellowstone National Park than meets the eye. As described in Science Magazine, scientists had already known about a volcanic plume that exists under the Park, which “brings molten rock up from deep in the … Continue reading

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Teens Quitting Traditional Tobacco, But Triple Percentage Increase in E-Cig Use

Despite years of successful anti-smoking advocacy, the number of adolescents using tobacco products could increase given the popularity of electronic cigarettes, also known as personal vaporizers or e-cigs. These battery-powered devices are designed to produce “a similar feel to tobacco … Continue reading

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Common Ways Errors Get on Your Credit Report

The following article was created in conjunction with Credit Sesame through Kasai Media. We expect certain information to be infallible; however, such an expectation could prove financially fatal especially as it pertains to the veracity of credit reports. According to … Continue reading

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What’s the Average Cost of Braces

For those still single, a 2013 survey of 5,500 unattached adults ages 21 and older found nearly 60 percent of men cared most about “good teeth in a potential date,” whereas 71 percent of women ranked “teeth” as essential to … Continue reading

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Two Health Labs Settle False Claims Act Dispute for $48.5 million

In a blog post for the popular website, physician Anees Chagpar summarizes the most enduring problem with America’s healthcare system, “We [the United States] spend more per capita than any other nation on Earth, and yet the Organization for … Continue reading

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Baldness Cure? Patterned Hair Plucking Shown to Regrow Larger Amounts

If humans are anything like mice (which scientists often presume they are), researchers might very well develop a treatment for baldness from the most unlikely of therapies (unlike another remedy that helps only specific people fight baldness). According to research, … Continue reading

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Pacific Ocean Warm Blob May Cause California Drought

At best, this year’s weather has been called “odd.” During the East Coast winter, it seemed to snow massive amounts each week and when it wasn’t snowing, the weather proved bone-chillingly cold. The West Coast has instead been “warm and … Continue reading

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Is It Worth Joining Harris Poll to Earn Rewards?

Harris Poll Online (HPOL) is a survey panel operated by the market research firm Harris Interactive. The company conducts market research for a range of industries throughout the world, and it’s a member of very well regarded marketing research organizations … Continue reading

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Researchers Get Frustrated Magnets to Show Hall Effect for the First Time

In condensed matter physics as described in a Wikipedia article on the subject, “frustration” is a phenomenon in which atoms stick to specific, non-trivial positions or where inter-atomic forces favoring different structures conflict, and this “frustration” creates complicated structures or … Continue reading

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March Gives Disappointing Job Growth Numbers with Only 126000 Created

Since 2014, news of job growth seemed to dominate the news. Surely some economists and commentators voiced their concerns about the lack of wage growth; however, at the very least, it seemed employers continued to add jobs each month. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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