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Have You Already Given Up?

The age-old list of New Year’s resolutions is common among most Americans. Eat less, learn more, play more, exercise more, and save more are fairly typical items on our lists. As you’ve probably witnessed though, most resolutions are left by … Continue reading

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Have You Mistakenly Identified Greed As Ambition?

Ambition is one of the elements that made the United States an economic powerhouse. The drive to work hard and succeed spawned innovation, efficiency, and opportunity. Over the course of time ambition was a characteristic of millions of Americans and … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Save Money on Landscaping

Maintaining a beautiful lawn and other landscaping features can become a costly task. If you’re dedicated to the exterior look and feel of your property, but still determined to spend wisely, there are a few things you can do to … Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Save Money and Lose Friends

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Financial Lessons We Can Learn from Our Grandparents

Your grandparents (or maybe great-grandparents) were better than you at saving money. If you think long and hard about that, most of you will probably agree with that statement. There are a number of reasons why they were better and … Continue reading

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Vacation Homes – Cheaper than You Think

There was a time when I thought a weeklong vacation to Hilton Head would be outrageously expensive — either that or I’d have to stay at a less-than-desirable hotel 15 miles from the beach to make it affordable. In my … Continue reading

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7 Deadly Sins of Personal Finance

If you are reading this, I can safely assume that you are concerned about saving money and maximizing your financial resources. Unless you have unlimited wealth (which I can also safely assume is not the case), then you must be … Continue reading

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Please Stop The Treat Bag Madness

I went to my share of birthday parties as a child and without exception they were of singular focus – to celebrate the birthday of a friend or relative. All attention was placed on the “person of the day” or … Continue reading

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