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Rare $25 Million Blue Moon Diamond on Display at LA Museum

For those who love diamonds, especially rare and beautiful ones, you may want to head to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles when you get a chance. The museum is welcoming a sparkly new attraction to to their gem … Continue reading

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Will Men Be Willing to Use Injection Vaselgel Birth Control?

For years, women have born the brunt of the responsibility for birth control. However, this seemingly unfair but unavoidable fact of life may not be the status quo for much longer. There’s been talk for some time that a male … Continue reading

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Fat Shaming Will Not Solve America’s Obesity Problem, Only Makes It Worse

More than one-third of American adults are obese. We know this. We hear it from doctors and the media and we read it in magazines. As it continues to get worse, we seem to be socially divided on what will … Continue reading

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Will Student Loan Debt Still Be a Problem for Seniors in Retirement?

Student loan debt is usually considered a problem of youth, but a report released this week by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has sobering statistics on the number of Americans who are still paying off student debt between the ages … Continue reading

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American Red Cross Donor App Lets You Become a Lifesaver

In a move that’s long overdue, the Red Cross has launched an app to encourage people to join and donate more blood. They say it’s like holding the power to save lives in the palm of your hand, and they’re … Continue reading

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Amazon Drops Fire Phone Price from $199 to 99 Cents

In a last chance effort to ship their new Fire Phone, Amazon is offering it to consumers for just 99 cents. The standard price was $199, but if you’re willing to sign up to a two year contract with AT&T, … Continue reading

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Rare Respiratory Virus Targets Children in Severe Outbreak Across US

Hospitals in Denver, Illinois and clusters of the Midwest have reported an outbreak of what health officials believe is a rare and serious respiratory illness. The virus, which is believed to have started in California, is said to be related … Continue reading

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GM Leads the Quest for Self-Driving Cars with Hands-Free Cadillac

It may not be a 100% self-driving car, but when GM releases the Super Cruise Cadillac in 2017, it’ll be the closest we’ve seen yet to this once futuristic technology. They’re calling it “semi-autonomous” which means the car can drive … Continue reading

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OKCupid Says User Data Is a Valuable Social Tool in New Dataclysm Book

Earlier in the year, dating site OkCupid made headlines with a blog announcement that they had manipulated the way users are matched with other users in order to research human behavior. Now the company’s founder has decided to take their … Continue reading

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Does Wearing a Bra Cause Cancer?

Over the last twenty years, preventing cancer has been the focus of scientists and doctors worldwide. The explosion of the number of cases of breast cancer in developed countries led many to blame the restrictive practice of bra wearing. The … Continue reading

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Google Agrees with FTC to Refund Childrens’ Unauthorized App Purchases

More good news has come this week for parents who’ve been hit with unexpected credit card charges due to children making unauthorized in-app purchases. Google has agreed to refund $19 million to parents whose children were able to make purchases … Continue reading

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Will the Apple iPhone 6 Become the Master of Mobile Wallet Payments?

In the last few years, the hype around mobile payment systems has exploded. Words like “convenience” and “security” have driven tech giants and start-ups alike, to encourage consumers to use their smart phones for “quick and easy” in-store purchasing. But … Continue reading

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New Cholesterol Drug Could Cut Strokes and Heart Attacks in Half

Good news has come to light for patients in the battle against cholesterol. An experimental trial by Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has proven to cut the number of heart attacks and strokes almost in half. The clinical trial was analysed … Continue reading

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FourSquare App Said to Be Losing Popularity Despite Relaunch

Social media apps come and go, but FourSquare, the platform that many thought was the perfect combo of social stickability and marketing nous, is said to be experiencing a decline in popularity. This is despite a rebrand. If you’ve not … Continue reading

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New App Lets You Buy What You Like on Instagram and Drain Your Bank Account

Marketers and Retailers across the country will be pleased to hear that Instagram, the popular photo sharing site, can now be used to convert customer “likes” to customer purchases. Consumers may not be as happy to see what this does … Continue reading

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Climate Change Causes Serious Threat to World Health

Many of us know the damage that the human desire for fossil fuels and transport is having on the world. But not so many have thought beyond that to the realities of living in a world desiccated by our continued … Continue reading

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Smartphone Kill Switches to Fight Crime in California

On Monday, California became the first state to require smartphone manufacturers to build kill switches into all smartphone devices that are released after 2015. Unsurprisingly, the smartphone industry protested the law change, with PC Mag noting that the players in … Continue reading

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Mayo Clinic Will Be First to Use Cologuard Home Cancer Test

It makes sense. The Mayo Clinic will be the first medical institution to offer the new in-home Cologuard colon cancer screening test. Mayo helped to develope Colonguard in conjunction with Exact Sciences. The head gastroenterology and hematology doctor at the … Continue reading

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Study Shows Light Cigarettes Are a Proven Way to Reduce Nicotine Intake

Good news this week if you’re a smoker who wants to look at quitting orĀ at least reducing the harm caused by cigarettes. This is especially true because the cost of smoking is so much more than simply the cost of … Continue reading

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