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Five Favorite Plants That Are Frugal

Here’s my top five favorite plant list, at least for today. This is the season for garden tours in my area so I’m liable to come up with some brand new favorites each time I get to wander through someone … Continue reading

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Five Traits of the Truly Frugal Gardener

If you’re creating a garden on the cheap or going for the frugal to downright FREE garden, here’s my list of must haves: 1) The frugal gardener needs to be flexible, as in no master landscape plan set in concrete. … Continue reading

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How To Acquire Free Plants With A Garden Party

There are a lot of different ways to aquire free plants and even unusual ways depending on how adventurous you are. Another sneaky way to acquire free plants is to throw a Garden Party. No, not the big hat, posh … Continue reading

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How To Reuse Items In Your Garden Rather Than Throwing Them Into The Trash

Earth Day isn’t just a day in April to frugal gardeners. No matter what month it is, we’re always on the look out for ways to tread lightly in our little corner of the world. Here is a short list … Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Celebrate National Gardening Month

In the U.S., April has been designated as National Gardening Month. Four years ago, the National Gardening Association began pushing the Greening of America, one garden at a time. Imagine the positive impact if everyone planted something. It doesn’t have … Continue reading

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The Frugal Gardening 10 Commandments

Every gardener has some commandments that the hold dear and follow. These are my 10 commandments for frugal gardening: 1. Thou shalt have fun: If you aren’t having fun while gardening, find another hobby 2. Thou shalt save money, not … Continue reading

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How To Build Your Own Organic Waste System

Want to take your kitchen to a new level of “green?” Tried a compost pile in your backyard and had to hide from your neighbors due to the smell? Tired of finding your compost items brought out to your front … Continue reading

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5 Essential Garden Tools (+5 To Make Gardening Easier)

When it comes to your garden, you need more than just plants to keep it alive. You also need the tools to keep the garden healthy and vibrant. I could survive with the first five tools if I needed to … Continue reading

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Free Plants – From The Funeral Home

Hold on and gain your breath. Before you discount this idea from the beginning simply from the title, bear with me on this one and know that this does work. Most people have to step out of their comfort zone … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Get Free Plants For Your Garden

While gardening is one of the largest hobbies in the US, how expensive a hobby it is depends a lot on how you approach it. It can be a quite expensive hobby when you purchase everything retail add up all … Continue reading

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How To Get Free Organic Fertilizer

There is little need to pay an arm and a leg purchasing fertilizer from your local nursery when there are plenty of ways to get organic fertilizer for your garden for free. The best part is that since it is … Continue reading

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