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Toilet Paper King: Beyond Over Or Under

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Princess Weddings: How To Start Married Life In Debt

My friend is a complete idiot — which is a much worse insult than it may first appear since it’s being given by a guy who views drinking beer and watching TV as a worthy goal to strive for each … Continue reading

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The Best Financial Advice Ever Given

My uncle recently passed away. This would not normally be something that I would share with others, but he also gave me the best financial advice I have ever received. This is advice I would like to share with you … Continue reading

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The Idiocy of Carpool Lanes

I hate rush hour almost as much as I hate Paris Hilton. I understand that scientists believe that we are putting the earth into an oven and turning up the heat too high. I’m keeping their warnings in mind and … Continue reading

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There Are Some Foods That Should Never Be Made Generic

Getting my finances in order sucks. It sucks even more when I have idiots teaching me how to do it. Since I am now writing for a personal finance blog, I decided that I should actually try and get my … Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Works Harder Than You Do

I hate Paris Hilton. I hate her a lot more than I did a few hours ago. I can thank my sister for that. My sister, to put it bluntly, is a royal pain in the butt. This is a … Continue reading

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Never Buy Candy Out Of Bins

I would rather go to the dentist and get a root canal before going to the grocery store, but sometimes there are major emergencies, such as running low on beer, that necessitate a trip. The other week I had one … Continue reading

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How I Failed the Champagne Girl Dating Test

Beer guys shouldn’t date girls. The party was out of my league. For the champagne girl, it was likely beneath her. Even though I knew this, I still approached her and struck up a conversation. In retrospect, I should have … Continue reading

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