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How Living an Uncluttered Life Can Cost You

Mmm.. Organizational shows: watch and drool. Suddenly you find yourself grasped by the impulse to tidy your tiny world. Most of us realize that a a cluttered life can cost us money, but how can an uncluttered home put a … Continue reading

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Nine Money Books for Children

Children live in a very self-centered world as they focus on learning about themselves and how the world works according to them. As they go along, learning how to mimic parents and other adults, observing behaviors through cause and effect, … Continue reading

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Funding The Holidays: Twelve Funds of Christmas

Christmas cheer kicked in when I returned from my vacation and decorated my house. I emptied my Post Office box into a bag, then onto my table. Christmas cards (I scribble on a notebook some addresses before the envelopes disappear), … Continue reading

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Sheet Music – 10 Free or Nearly Free Ways to Get It

I became intrigued with collecting sheet music for various instruments, most of which I play, ever since my mom came home from an auction with a box full of sheet music in pristine condition, dated in a range of the … Continue reading

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Ways to Save for your Children’s Futures

I know many kids who grow up and go to college on their own dime, spending all their own hard earned cash for the next twenty years getting out of that debt. I also know of several kids who had … Continue reading

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Bananas and Grocery Shopping Optimism

My son asked for some bananas for snack, and I started singing something I had a vague recollection of: “Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today!” I got the melody all wrong, and as my husband and … Continue reading

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Money Lessons I’ve Learned on the Road (the hard way)

Somewhere along my most recent three-week vacation, I started to compare it to last year’s three-week road trip. I began to make a list of the little things that make a big difference when it comes to the price, cost, … Continue reading

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Quick Gifts to Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

“Silver Bells” and “Silver and Gold”, some budgets just don’t allow a gift to all who deserve something for the holidays. You know how hungry animals in cartoons see our hero as a roast bird or some other tasty morsel? … Continue reading

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More Things About People and their Money that Make Me Angry

While not everyone was happy with my list of things about people and their money that make me angry, I find that my list of these things continues to grow. This is a new list gathered from interviews and personal … Continue reading

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Snow Is A Beautiful Thief

It falls, taunting you, flake after flake, coating everything you see with white wet and cold crystals. It piles up in the corners, and in its complete blinding whiteness, all you can do is fork over your wallet. It’s a … Continue reading

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Using the Yellow Pages to Shop and Save

I get a call, “I’ve just left the third shoe store and I still can’t find what I want!” the voice speaks to me. “Did they have anything close?” I asked. “Nothing!” “Didn’t you call them first?” “Well, no, it’s … Continue reading

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Crafting is More than Saving Money

At craft shows, a maze of booths show off handcrafted original wares. Some things are common from show to show, like polymer clay jewelry, stained-glass window décor, and beaded designs, but it’s not the medium that matters, it’s the artist’s … Continue reading

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10 Alternatives to Exchanging Gifts at Work

It’s time for Secret Santas all across the country. You’ll draw someone’s name, get them exactly what they ask for, and that someone will get someone else exactly what they ask for and you will eventually get what you asked … Continue reading

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Ten DIY Money Savers – To Try or Not?

The forums are buzzing with new money-saving tips and tricks. “We don’t purchase these anymore,” and “we’ve done this ourselves.” “I found a new way to do this,” and “I always wondered why people would pay for that?” For some … Continue reading

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Why I Have Decided to Buy a Jukebox

I love music. My husband collects CDs like I collect books. We also have a large collection of LPs and of MP3s on our computer. I won’t even go into our magnetic tape collection. Literally, I won’t go into it. … Continue reading

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Money Lessons from a Child’s Bookshelf

When it comes to teaching your kids about money and finances, there is no need to go looking for specific books on these subjects. Your child’s bookself is probably already full of books that can bring financial lessons to life. … Continue reading

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Frugal Paper Wall Art

Studio apartment: unfurnished. Top floor, lots of windows, tall ceilings. New paint. Close to college. Available now. The keys land in your hand. The threshold of your new home is now guarded by your few boxes of stuff. Not long … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Credit Card Less Useful

I am sure at some time in our bill-paying lives each of us has stared at a lengthy itemization of a credit card statement and wondered, “How did I get so bound to a piece of plastic?” We try planning, … Continue reading

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How Living A Cluttered Life Can Cost You

At some point, we’ve all done it: during the middle of a move or the week of finals. Somehow, everything gets shuffled. Some of us make it a way of life. But something not very many people consider is how … Continue reading

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Financial Jargon From A to Z

What is jargon? It is a social term technically defined as the lexicon (set of words) used in an esoteric (specialized) field. It is what we’re talking about when we say “I don’t get all that medical mumbo-jumbo” or “The … Continue reading

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