7 Ways to Find Money for College


Students do not have to stay at home simply because they do not have money to cater for their tuition fees and other college expenses. Given the cost of schooling at colleges, it worth trying some of the easy and available ways of getting free money. With the advancement in technology, students have a broad variety of sources to get funds and grants necessary for continuous learning. Below are seven ways on how to get free money for

Apply for scholarships

Scholarships as compared to other college finance sources are easier to get especially with the online tools and advanced technology. There are both long-term and short-term scholarships out there. You need a scholarship that is renewable from one semester to another. It is good that you meet all the requirements so that you can keep a scholarship. Some of the requirements may be maintaining good grades and good morals at college. Act in a way that motivates your sponsor.

You can start applying while still in high school or immediately after joining college. You should often apply to increase your chances of securing one or several scholarships. One thing you should avoid is paying money with the promise of getting a scholarship.

Secure grants

Grants are one of the best sources of money for college. The good thing about grants is that they are not repaid, unlike students loans. In most cases, grants are based on the student financial needs. Others depend on things such as grades, geographic location, talent, field study or gender among others. Regarding how to get a college grant, you can look for institutions that offer the same online. In case you are in college, you can ask the financial aid advisor to give you a list of all the grants. Check and see which particular grants you might be eligible. Instead of going for loans that increase life burden especially after college, you can go for non-refundable grants.

Not all grants offer college support in the form of money. Some of the grants may cover several semesters at college while others may cater for entire tuition fee, books, and other college-related expenses.

Work with college enrollment

In the case you want to save your limited budget, you can check out those colleges that are referred to as work colleges. These colleges in a way trade work for college tuition fee. You work for them, and in return, you pay nothing or less regarding tuition. You may cover all the college costs by just working for a particular school. Working by itself comes in the form of training and financial help. The college may end up employing you permanently after finishing college.


Fundraising is one of the easy ways to make money for college students. People love contributing towards learning. You family, as well as friends, may be a good source of funds for college. Do fundraising campaign and go ahead to share it with your friends and family. Accept all kind of donations, and you will be able to sail through college successfully. The extra money you require to buy essays for college may come from fund-raising.

College selection

The choice of the school may save you a lot. Some colleges offer money and other incentives to new students as one of the techniques of encouraging them to apply. Subsidized school fee makes the college entrance affordable. You even save your budget for meeting various expenses. You should know that this kind of financial support is not available to those students who want to transfer from one college to another.

For your information, there are tuition-free colleges where you do not pay anything to learn. Most of these colleges require exceptional conditions such as minorities and disabled, but you can still try.

Serving your country

Serving your country is one way of giving back to the society. It is also a way of getting all your college costs catered for. In most cases, military sponsors its personnel in advancing their education. If you are a professional in a particular field, joining the army with the intention of not only serving but also enhancing your skills is a wise decision. Some scholarships are reserved for the military.

Apply for students loans

Even if students loans are payable after finishing college, they may save you especially when your family is not financially stable. You do not have to stay at home due to financial constraints with the presence of institution and education ministries offering loans to cater for your college costs. After all getting a degree now is a long-term investment by itself. This should be your last option. Do not forget about saving money tips. They can be of the real help while you are studying.

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