How to Write an Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Accounting and finance are the most popular faculties nowadays. Young people want to connect their future with business and finance; therefore, more and more students apply for the educational institutions to study these disciplines.

A personal statement (also known as application essay) is one of the most notable documents required for the successful application. Students have to demonstrate their knowledge and skills that can be useful for the disclosure of their potential. Young people should persuade the admission commission in their professionalism and ambitiousness. The best way to reach this goal is to prepare a worthy and effective accounting and finance personal statement. Below you will find simple guidelines that will help you create your winning personal statement.

Grab the Main Idea

Why do students need to prepare a personal statement? What do they need to write there? A personal statement is a short presentation of student’s personality in the form of a short essay. You ought to write the weightiest facts about your character, interests, and skills in order to prove that you can study accounting and finance successfully. Bear in mind that universities require the smartest students who will appreciate and apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Moreover, every graduate student represents his college or university. Thus, educational institutions care about their own reputation when they accept only the best applicants. When you are going to write a personal statement in finance and accounting, think about three factors. Say why you enjoy the chosen subject. Secondly, write what you did in the past that will help you master this subject. Finally, say what you plan to learn and obtain during the course in this university. Make the commission interested in your application. They should want you to become the member of their university family.

Begin with an Introduction

The introductory part of your accounting and finance personal statement should introduce your personality in a few words. Remember about the information presented in ‘Step 1’ and point out at the main reasons that make you interested in the selected course. Say why you like this field of study and what you want to obtain after finishing this course. Moreover, you can write about the choice of the university. Say that you know about its reputation and high standards of education. Teachers appreciate students who are interested in the history and performance of their educational institution.

Demonstrate Your Interest

The main body of your personal statement should demonstrate your interest in the chosen subject. The commission should see that you are an active and ambitious person who wants to learn something new. Write about your previous experience related to accounting and finance. It is reasonable to say that you have always been involved in this field if you helped your father with the management of your family business. You looked through the business plans and learned to work with money. Furthermore, it is wise to show that you are a broadminded and multitasking person. For instance, if you studied business being an undergraduate student, apply for finance for Master’s degree. Motivate your choice with the wish to understand the entire depth and foundations of business, management, accounting and finance. This information will show that you already possess background knowledge. You have a good start for the further intensive professional development.

Write about Your Future Plans

Share your previous academic achievements with the commission and say what you are going to do in future. What are your exact plans? Why is this university vital for your plan? Without question, this information will provide you with numerous advantages because very few students have their own expectations and ambitions. If you already know what you want, you are the leader of the application campaign. Demonstrate your knowledge about the suggested courses, subjects, projects and teachers involved in the educational process. Say whether you enjoy the curriculum and focus on the subjects you need most of all. Of course, you should support your words with the specific facts. For example, say that you are patient, industrious and consistent. You can communicate with people and resolve conflicts. These skills will help you manage your business and exist in the world of accounting and finance. The most considerable final thing is your participation in extracurricular activities. If you are an active and engaged person who is interested in the life if his university, your personality will be appreciated.

Summarize Your Personal Statement

Enumerate the core points presented in the introduction and the main body of your paper. Say that you feel that you fit for the course and you will be able to master accounting and finance to the appropriate level.

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