Senior Citizen Discounts That Help You Stay Young

Senior Citizen Discounts That Help You Stay Young

It’s coming! Senior Citizens Day is August 21, 2015. It’s a day when we recognize the older citizens of our community. This is important because they helped build the society we live in today. Many of them fought in wars, built businesses, and raised families. Just because they’re retired now doesn’t mean they haven’t left lasting impressions.

As part of honoring our older friends, neighbors and family on Senior Citizens Day, we put together a little guide to senior citizen discounts. It’s a way of helping everyone keep their minds and bodies feeling young and healthy!

More Money for Healthy Foods

Many grocery stores offer senior citizen discounts on a specific day of the week. These deals are not always advertised, so it pays to ask. Money saved with discounts can translate into more money for healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that can help seniors feel young and stay active. A healthy diet is essential for living a full life. These restaurants give senior discounts as well – some as high as 20%!

Exercise for a Younger Body

A SilverSneakers membership is a way for 1 in 5 seniors over the age of 65 to get free access to gyms, helping them stay active and healthy. Available under most Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Health plans, the plan includes access to more than 3,000 fitness facilities, plus special fitness classes and activities. Saving money is never an excuse not to exercise. After all, the medical bills for heart disease will GREATLY outweigh any exercise expenses. If you don’t want to visit a gym, consider using a Nintendo Wii as a low cost gym alternative.

Keeping an Active Mind

Continuing education is wise if retirees want to stay smart. Many colleges and universities offer deeply discounted, sometimes free classes for those over age 60. Plans vary from free courses that do not earn credits to cheap plans offered when classes are left with unfilled seats. Check out your local colleges to discover the many learning opportunities available.

Unless you do something beyond what you’ve already mastered, you will never grow. -Ronald E. Osborne

Having More Fun

Seeking discounts can make it easier for seniors to stay active and enrich their lives. Traveling and sightseeing can add a spark of fun that keeps you young. Look for discounts on rail fare at Amtrak if you’re over age 62. For those 55 and over, cruise lines often provide discounts.

An AARP membership is very affordable and pays for itself quickly. Discounts on hotels and rental cars make traveling more accessible to the seniors that use them. And you can qualify for a membership at age 50, bringing senior citizen discounts to many more people.

Once you reach your destination, you’ll find discounts available at many museums, theaters, restaurants and shops. The National Parks Service offers a Senior Pass providing lifetime access and discounts on amenities.
Although senior discounts aren’t always the best deal, seeking them out does help seniors keep the spark of youth in their lives. Just be sure to check for better deals before taking the discounts you find.

There are tons of discounts!

Nearly every aspect of life can be discounted once you reach senior citizen status. You can get discounts on food, lodging, gyms, auto clubs… all sorts of discounts! Enjoy them! You mind and body will thank you.

Wishing you Happy Senior Citizens Day on August 21st.


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  1. Martha says:

    I loved that post about restaurants offering discounts. A few places do offer 20%. That’s like not having to tip! 🙂

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