Driving with Hands-Free Devices Still Puts You in Danger

In order to promote safer driving, some states have implemented laws and regulations. Some of these safety measures include no cell phones unless they are hands-free devices, and no texting while driving or else you can be ticketed. While I see the benefit of these safety measures as decreasing distractions for drivers and thereby causing less potential accidents, some might argue that even hands-free devices are still distractions and should be used with caution. For instance, the president and CEO of AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has spoken out against these hands-free devices stating that they are not risk free, and perhaps even more distracting than your mobile device.

In a study conducted by AAA, it was found that drivers who utilized hands-free devices such as voice-activated systems in their vehicle, not only had slower reaction time, but also increased levels of distraction. This, despite the fact that 75% of drivers believe that hand-free devices are safe to use while driving.

The study pointed out that the more complex the hands-free system, the more of a distraction the technology was for drivers. A big part of the problem is that much of the time these systems are so error prone that it requires a lot of concentration from the driver in order for the system to work and appropriately respond to voice commands.

AAA isn’t the only company that has spoken out against hands-free devices. Many other advocates of safety have been trying to get this message across for a while. Even though the point of these hands-free devices is to limit distractions while driving, it has been reported that 3,328 individuals were killed last year alone as a result of accidents due to distracted driving. Furthermore, 421,000 individuals were injured in some form as well due to distracted driving.

Let’s face it, do you really need to send a text message, post to social media or update your calendar during your drive time? Rarely, in my opinion, is something that critical or pressing that it needs to be done in that exact instant. The fact of the matter is that driving is dangerous due to all the different factors involved. You are dealing with humans and their potential for error, vehicles and their potential for malfunction, and also the adverse affects of weather in a given situation. The best way to limit potential risk while driving is to be 100% focused on the task at hand. Keep your cell phones tucked away and leave it there for the duration of your trip.

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2 Responses to Driving with Hands-Free Devices Still Puts You in Danger

  1. robert says:

    I would be fine with the hands free stuff if people would stop texting and driving all the time. It’s like there are drunk people all around you these days when you drive.

  2. doris says:

    Why can’t people just drive these days. Why do they always have to be on the phone talking to someone?

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