New Cholesterol Drug Could Cut Strokes and Heart Attacks in Half

Study: a new cholesterol drug can cut heart attacks and strokes in half
Good news has come to light for patients in the battle against cholesterol. An experimental trial by Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has proven to cut the number of heart attacks and strokes almost in half. The clinical trial was analysed retrospectively, which means the results are not yet conclusive, but it’s still huge news for millions of patients that suffer from cardio-vascular risk — a disease directly linked to high cholesterol.

The injectable drug is called alirocumab. It targets a protein called PCSK9 and lowers LDL, which can simply be described as the bad cholesterol in our bodies.

Amgen and Pfizer are developing similar drugs which may be on the market as early


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3 Responses to New Cholesterol Drug Could Cut Strokes and Heart Attacks in Half

  1. sherri cavan says:

    The headline and article are misleading. The drug shows effectiveness in lowering LDL. It is a BIG inference from this single measure to “cutting strokes and east attacks in half” for which no evidence is presented.
    Since it requires bi-monthly visits to a physician for injection I can see where it has great economic promise.

  2. captainhurt says:

    no injections!! imagine the physician and company profits from doing a minimum of 6 visits per year per patient just to get an injection.
    sorry most people HATE needles and blood, including me, so this is bad stuff.

  3. Lee Davis says:

    The only reason to take satin drugs that you’re unlucky enough to be one of those people who has the DZ’s and the liver that makes too much. It’s the smallest of the LDL particles that caused the damage in flam a Tory part of your veins. The pharmaceutical companies are targeting the wrong thing, they need to get their act together. It’s carbohydrates and sugar that’s killing everybody when is Michelle going to wake up.

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