Tax Form 1095-A May Delay ObamaCare Recipients Tax Refunds

taxes IRS form 1095-A for Affordable Care ActMillions of Americans may experience a delay in receiving their tax refunds next year. If you’re among those who have applied for, and successfully received  healthcare benefits through President Obama’s Affordable Care Act initiative, there’s a new form you’re going to have to get from the insurance exchange before you can even file for your 2014 tax return.

This new form is called the 1095-A, which you can take a look at here. The form will list all of the individuals in the household who receive the benefits and how much the government has spent subsidizing their premiums. The forms are to be issued by the same agency that was heading the initiative, whose debacle in launching the site last fall has not yet been forgotten.

The Health and Human Services Department (HHSD) had, at that time, launched the website which only riddled most applicants with various errors. It was estimated that only 1% of the interested parties were able to successfully register, but even those who got through failed to have a smooth registration process. Later on, insurance companies were stating that most of the initial applications were missing information.

The lack of confidence in the HHSD primarily stems from that. Justifiably, some tax professionals are concerned that they simply won’t be able to have all the forms out and in the hands of the millions of Americans by the January 31st deadline.

Although it may seem a week or two delay won’t amount to much, it in fact could put a serious strain on the families who depend on their tax returns to fill any financial voids. President Obama’s administration says that the task is on track, but refuses to provide any additional details.

States who operate their own health insurance marketplaces are also required to issue their own forms to those receiving their benefits. Though the biggest responsibility falls on the shoulders of the HHSD to get the forms to the individuals residing in the 36 states that it serves. The fact that they’re going to have to manage that and the 2015 registrations simultaneously may in fact delay the 1095-A’s timely delivery.

Although some seem confident the forms will arrive on time, it cannot be ignored there’s a real possibility of a negative outcome. Unfortunately, all recipients can do is idly wait for that day to arrive and hope the mess from last fall was a one-time incident.

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13 Responses to Tax Form 1095-A May Delay ObamaCare Recipients Tax Refunds

  1. harrold says:

    Will the problems with this ever stop?

  2. trueamerican says:

    It’s the government scamming us again. First Obamacare, now keeping the money that’s rightfully ours. Do they not have any decency?

  3. ben says:

    There’s nothing that says you had to take the subsidies that the Affordable Care Act offered. If you are so against it, you should have never taken it or you’re a hypocrite. And if you didn’t take it, there is no issue with your refund.

  4. Andrew Allison says:

    Speaking of keeping what is rightfully ours, the purpose of the form is to compare the stated income upon which taxpayer-paid subsidies were based with actual income. Given the incentive to lie about income, I suspect that it’s not just refunds that are at risk. If you lied about your income and don’t have a refund from which the ill-gotten subsidies can be deducted, expect a deficiency notice. Seems like a good idea to me.

  5. Kal Kurdi says:

    You are correct. Income that was underestimated or filed incorrectly will result in a deficit, forfeited returns, etc…

  6. I think that if you get the form in a reasonable amount of time, then there should be no problem. But with all circumstances, there will be the few that will not get it when they should.

  7. Jim says:

    I never voted for Obama. But I’m not stupid and refuse to be a martyr and cough up the fines. I took the susbsidies. I think of my Democrat neighbors who voted for my subsidies and how they have to go to work to pay for them. As for the parties…I have removed my name from the rolls. No one deserves my vote anymore. Look at how Boehner greased the skids…
    Hey Dems, go to work. Pay my subsidies…suckers!

  8. Denise says:

    Have these forms been sent out yet?

  9. Jeffrey Strain says:

    Yes. You should have received it. If not, contact your state marketplace or the federal site where you purchased your health insurance.

  10. Brian says:

    I still haven’t received my form 1095-A. I applied for Obamacare and got the insurance just so I wouldn’t get fined. I never used it once, never went to the doctor or hospital or anything. Now I’m waiting for the form so I can file my taxes… everything else is ready to go, except for this form. So now I have to wait to file my tax return, and get my refund, until I get this stupid form. Is there any way I can just enter information that’s like the standard or whatever, so I can file it now? Enter all 0’s or something? I don’t even know what would be on it, i applied for it, got it, n that’s it, haven’t done a single thing with it, and really need my refund ASAP

  11. Jeffrey Strain says:

    Did you get subsidized for your payments? If you did get subsidized, you need the form. If you didn’t, you won’t get the form.

  12. anne says:

    I hope there will be no delay for this year. Many families depend on their tax returns.

  13. tareck khalil says:

    Can I download my 1095-A Form from the website and if yes how

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