New App Lets You Buy What You Like on Instagram and Drain Your Bank Account

New app like2buy allows users to buy from Instagram likes
Marketers and Retailers across the country will be pleased to hear that Instagram, the popular photo sharing site, can now be used to convert customer “likes” to customer purchases. Consumers may not be as happy to see what this does to the level of savings in their bank accounts.

After only three years, Instagram has become a wildly popular social media platform. Its clean aesthetics and filtered image functions allow users to post their own treated photographs, and to browse brand imagery in a channel that until now has not been convertible. This is basically because Instagram does not allow brands to post single links to individual photo posts, which means the pathway to the


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3 Responses to New App Lets You Buy What You Like on Instagram and Drain Your Bank Account

  1. Betty says:

    This is going to ruin Instagram. The thing that made it so great was the lack of commercialization.

  2. gloria says:

    I have mixed feelings. There have been times I have seen things and wanted to buy them, but it can be a time consuming process to find something posted on Instagram. On the other hand, being able to buy in a single click is going to test my will power. I may have to use it less if I want to stick to my budget.

  3. darlene says:

    I have to agree. It won’t be the same. It’s a shame all things have to be commercialized to try and sell us stuff :(

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