Smartphone Kill Switches to Fight Crime in California

California will require all smartphones to have a kill switch
On Monday, California became the first state to require smartphone manufacturers to build kill switches into all smartphone devices that are released after 2015. Unsurprisingly, the smartphone industry protested the law change, with PC Mag noting that the players in the wireless industry “fought the kill-switch bill, at first saying the proposal was technically unfeasible, prohibitively expensive, and rife for abuse by hackers.”

But the decision was made regardless, and Gov. Jerry Brown, hopes it will prevent smartphone theft which is rife in the country’s busiest state. The bill itself requires that anti-theft technology like “kill switches” be built into smar


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2 Responses to Smartphone Kill Switches to Fight Crime in California

  1. william says:

    In theory this sounds good, but in reality it is rife with abuse potential. mark my word, it won’t be long before you read about the government taking control of people’s phones for “safety reasons”

  2. chris says:

    Apple and Android already have this capability in place. “Find My iPhone” and “Android Device Manager” already do this. But the only time people are interested in learning about backup, recovery, or remote lock/wipe options are after the device is broken or stolen.

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