ComScore Ranks the Top Ten Smartphone Apps, Half Are by Google

The top ten smartphone mobile apps according to ComScore
There is a smartphone app for practically everything, including a number to help you make money. If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular apps are, ComScore, an online technology company which measures the digital habits of consumers, has released their US Mobile App Report which ranks the top 10 out of the over 2 million available for download from the Apple and Google app stores. While Google doesn’t have the number one app on the list, the company does dominate the top 10 with half of the entries. Here is the ranking of the top ten mobile phone apps, including how many people use them.

1. Facebook App with 115 million monthly users
2. YouTube with 83.4 million users
3. G...

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One Response to ComScore Ranks the Top Ten Smartphone Apps, Half Are by Google

  1. laura says:

    I use three of them: Facebook, Instagram and sometimes Youtube

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