Uber Begins On-Demand Delivery Service Test with Corner Store

Uber Corner Store begins home delivery in test launch
Popular transport app Uber has become more than just a car service for a select group of customers in Washington D.C. For a short time the company is trialling a same day home delivery service called Corner Store, where its drivers will take orders and retrieve items for those who are too busy or unable to make it to the local convenience store.

It works by allowing the user navigate to the Corner Store section of the app and enter their address. If a driver is nearby, they will call the user and take an order before dropping it off free of charge. The items will then be charged to the user’s account.

At this point there are one hundred items listed on the app. Everything from tampons


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One Response to Uber Begins On-Demand Delivery Service Test with Corner Store

  1. benjamin says:

    This is actually a pretty smart move on their part. This doesn’t have to be successful everywhere, just in certain areas since the cars are out on the street anyway. They can pick off the most profitable areas in the country and leave the rest alone if they aren’t working.

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