Government Says Cars That Talk with Each Other Will Save Thousands of Lives

The government wants cars to be able to talk to one another to prevent accidents
On Monday, the Obama administration began drafting rules to ensure that the cars and trucks of the future are fitted with technology that allow them to communicate, warning each other of danger in order to avoid collisions. The move was based on information from the National Highway Traffic Administration who released a report showing the benefits of this type of technology. By their estimation, talking cars could save as many as 1,083 lives per year by preventing 592,000 left turn and intersection crashes.

The technology, which will soon become standard in new cars, uses a radio signal to transmit direction, speed and distance from other cars and will warn drivers when they are in danger.


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2 Responses to Government Says Cars That Talk with Each Other Will Save Thousands of Lives

  1. dan says:

    This seems like common sense to me. If we are going to have a bunch of driverless cars on the road, they should be able to communicate with one another in some fashion.

  2. william says:

    What happens if hackers are able to hack into this communication system? Couldn’t they make cars crash and cause deaths at will? I understand why the government wants this, but are they really thinking things through?

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