Microsoft Blue Screen of Death Caused by August Update

Microsoft is asking users to uninstall an update to avoid the blue screen of death
Microsoft, the maker of popular operating system Windows, has this week asked users to uninstall their latest update after complaints that it was causing computers to crash and give users what has become known as the Microsoft “blue screen of death.” The update bug is apparently a serious one, with users reporting it was causing computers to crash and leave their computer screen blue.

PC World reports that Microsoft has identified three key problems with the update:

“First, fonts that are installed in a location other than the default fonts directory (%windir%fonts) cannot be changed when they are loaded into any active session, essentially locking them in. Second, fonts don’t render correctly. The third issue is the most critical, however… that systems may crash with a ‘0x50 Stop error message’ after the updates are installed.” It appears the problem will apply to the following programs: Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, plus Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003.

If you’re one of the unfortunates who has downloaded the updates already, don’t panic. There is a solution, which is detailed in the security bulletin by Microsoft. You’ll need to fiddle with the registry files, then enter the recovery environment to delete the .dat file, reboot and then export the file. This will then need to be repeated before you uninstall the update and reimport the font file.  It may sound complex but follow Microsoft’s bulletin and you’ll be on the right track.

It’s not the first lot of issues Microsoft has had to deal with this month. On Friday they had to issue a hotfix for Internet Explorer after multiple dialog windows began causing halts and delays. This applied to all versions of Explorer and garnered many user complaints.

The problem with the latest update is yet to be found, but it has notably coincided with Microsoft’s move towards using Patch Tuesday to combine small feature updates into the Windows monthly security update package. This is instead waiting awhile (until a bundle of new features are ready) and then releasing them together in one major update like Windows 8.1.

Whatever the cause, users aren’t happy and Microsoft may need to rethink their update protocol before impatient users start to rethink their loyalty to the brand.

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21 Responses to Microsoft Blue Screen of Death Caused by August Update

  1. daniel says:

    And this is why I own a Mac…

  2. rock says:

    Why are people still using Microsoft products? Get a mac or better yet just install linux and never ever have to worry about viruses again.

  3. lee c fairfax says:

    how can you find and follow directions to fix problem if you can’t get your computer to function to see the directions?

  4. al says:

    …aaaaaand no one gives a crap, dan.

  5. SteveQ says:

    And the ability to use whatever hardware I choose is why I use Windows and Linux. Some people like the reassurance of a prison, some people like to be free.

    Oh, and I’ve installed the update in question on all my systems, and have experienced no such problems.

  6. MarkSill says:

    This is why I use Linux.

  7. Max says:

    Why do I have to fix this? Microsoft sent an update I didn’t ask for — they should provide the fix. And in no more than 3 clicks.

  8. starskeptic says:

    ‘Cause update problems have never happened on a Mac?

  9. starskeptic says:

    What does this article have to do with viruses?

  10. Jack says:

    Dan – aren’t you tired of being a mac bitch?

  11. daniel says:

    Blue screens of death haven’t

  12. daniel says:

    Says a person staring at a blue screen

  13. daniel says:

    No more than Microsoft users are tired of being Microsoft bitches

  14. LuJohnson says:

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

    And this is what I do with my middle finger whenever I run into a Mac person self proclaiming their perceived superiority over everything, just because of a brand. DERP, nobody gives a F.

  15. mdawg says:

    Now I know why I’m still using xp

  16. daniel says:

    That really should be directed toward Microsoft. They are the ones that caused the problem. No reason to get mad at Mac users because they don’t have to deal with the blue screen of death.

  17. liinuxpert says:

    It mentioned microsoft windows.Isn’t that a virus?

  18. Joey says:

    First of all osx and windows have the same bull…blue screen of death on PC. at least I can work around that. With my Mac osx it can locked out of your hard drive and you must buy a new hard drive because you can’t wipe one partition from the hard drive. I’ll stick with windows at least my PC is working.
    I like both operating systems but windows is better for people who build there own PC.
    And yes my hard drive locked me out after an update

  19. GB says:

    Wow, there’s more Mac fanboys/gals here than Windows.

    Windows fans must still be rebuilding/reformatting/repairing their endlessly broken toys.


  20. MJM says:

    Um I count 3 mac people (You, Daniel and Rock) to now 10 Windows users myself included so I think you need to recheck your Math.

  21. Asok Asus says:

    Microsoft is crumbling. They’ve apparently lost or destroyed their core competency. This is the umpteenth time they’ve had to pull a major patch that blue-screened Microsoft systems during the last 12 months. And Microsoft is truly doomed when it reaches this point of complexity in trying to get customers to manually perform excruciatingly difficult back-fixes to update problems of its own creation.

    Microsoft must truly be collapsing internally at a rapid pace, given their recent horrific software and device missteps, management turmoil, repeated destruction of customer systems by multiple mortal updates, etc. It really makes you wonder why the company is so hollowed out: excruciatingly bad management, dysfunctional legacy corporate culture, affirmative action, employee graduated from government schools that have stealthily promoted Fabian socialism, offshore labor, all of the above, etc.???

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