Robot Self-Organizing Flash Mob Swarms Developed

swarms of self organizing kilobots make complex shapes
The kilobots are here! When most people think about robot technology, they usually think about the advance robot technology, and what a single robot can do, but that would be missing out on a lot of the potential for robots. Researchers at Harvard University have successfully developed a swarm of mini robots which, through simple programming, can self-organize into complex shapes in something similar to a robot flash mob.

These mini robots are called “kilobots” and only measure a couple of inches across while standing on three wire thin legs. While these kilobots are quite simple as individuals, they are able to work together in ways whihc allow them to perform complex actions a


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3 Responses to Robot Self-Organizing Flash Mob Swarms Developed

  1. richard says:

    This could have a lot of applications in the real word. You wouldn’t think of robots cleaning up the environment, but systems like this could be used to clean up toxic spills where it’s too dangerous for humans to go in and clean up. I look forward to the advances in this technology.

  2. Frank says:

    This is the future of technology in many ways. Lots of robots that can deliver simple tasks, but work in harmony with others. As is shown in those videos, they can form complex tasks and are much more cost effective than a single advanced robot.

  3. Andy says:

    …. or used to scour the bottom of an ocean looking for an airliner.

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