Intel and Michael J Fox Improve Parkinson’s Research with Wearable Gadgets

Michael J Fax and Intel partner on wearable devices to track Parkinson's patients
In another step into the market beyond computers, Intel has teamed up with the Michael J Fox Foundation to provide Parkinson’s researchers with a whole new level of access to their patients.

Their idea involves using wearables, devices like the Fit Bit or Pebbles smart watches which have built-in sensors to track and store patient symptoms. Until now researchers have relied on subjective reporting from patients who participate in clinical trials. The problem is a patients’ symptoms are likely to change from one minute to the next, so they are simply unable to supply accurate data for specific times of the day.

In partnership, the two organizations will fund research and develop


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2 Responses to Intel and Michael J Fox Improve Parkinson’s Research with Wearable Gadgets

  1. mary says:

    I absolutely LOVE Michael J Fox. He’s an inspiration to all to keep fighting and make the best even in a bad situation.

  2. David says:

    This is actually really exciting news. There are a lot of applications where this could be used to get better real time information on patients’ conditions with a variety of diseases. The more options like this, the better for the patients and the doctors/researchers studying the disease.

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