Justin Bieber Avoids DUI Charge By Donating $50,000 to Charity

Justin Bieber plea agreement no jail time
It pays to have a lot of money and good lawyers looking out for you. A plea agreement has been reached in the case which saw Justin Bieber hit the headlines for drag racing and drug use in South Florida this January. Bieber, through his lawyers, pleaded to resisting arrest without violence. As part of a plea agreement, the judge ordered him to attend an anger management course, as well as pay a $500 fine and complete a program about people whose lives have been impacted by drunk driving. Another part of the agreement is he will make a $50,000 as a charitable contribution to “Our Kids,” a children’s charity which helps human trafficking victims.

The arrest was made on Janua


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4 Responses to Justin Bieber Avoids DUI Charge By Donating $50,000 to Charity

  1. grace says:

    This shows why the justice system isn’t really fair. Do you think the average person would get off so easy if they had the same charges? No way.

  2. biebfan says:

    Haters gonna hate. Wat do u no bout dis? I bieblieve!!

  3. wake up says:

    Really?! A donation to charity? If anybody else white or black dialf this crap it would be 2-5 in prison! The punishment needs to be equal for everyone, be they a star poor Rick cop or robber there is no justice until the laws apply equally to all!

  4. Elliot says:

    At least something good came out of this young man’s antics. Hopefully the charity will make good use of his “donation”

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