An Increased Chance of Getting 10 Common Cancers Linked to Being Overweight

Being overweight increases the chances of getting 10  common types of cancer
If you still need another reason to shed extra pounds, new research published in the Lancet Medical Journal indicates those with a high Body Mass Index (BMI) have an increased chance of developing 10 of the most common types of cancer we know about. Doctors have known obesity can increase the cause of cancer, and this study highlights the types of cancer the extra weight can cause, and the percentage increase of each type.

The study was conducted by researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It looked at 5 million people living in the UK and their BMI over a seven year period to come to the conclusion. The study showed that those 29 lbs to 35 lbs (13kg to 16kg) overw


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11 Responses to An Increased Chance of Getting 10 Common Cancers Linked to Being Overweight

  1. devon says:

    As someone who has lost a fair amount of weight, the fact that you don’t have to carry it around vastly improves your life. If you care about yourself, this is something you should make an effort to do.

  2. gary says:

    The math is easy. Consume less calories than you expend each day. Do that, and you’ll lose weight.

  3. nancy says:

    Some of us have medical conditions where this doesn’t matter. I wish people would stop preaching when they have no idea about how just eating less doesn’t solve the problem for most of us.

  4. samc says:

    Agree and disagree. Eating the right kind of foods plays a bigger factor in the equation. I’ve been through the fat wars and finally won buy changing up the mix, not the calories in /calories out that the skinny folk like to toss out.

  5. Richard says:

    Please explain. I want to gain the willpower to eat less… much less and to exercise more. Now I don’t exercise and seem to eat at will. Diet is better last 6 months but I’ve actually gained 22 lbs or about 10 kg. Weight is 306 lbs!

  6. Jeffrey Strain says:

    This is a good article on little things you can do to change the amount you eat and to get more exercise:

  7. acantal says:

    Actually, Nancy, I know there should be some people around with medical conditions that can prevent them from losing weight, but, you know what? I don’t know any of them, all the fat people I know really eats more then they are supposed to…so, I take that it is not “most of us”, it’s actually “a very few of us”.

  8. John Davis says:

    That is a work of fiction right there. I’m a former fatty who used to have a fairly reasonable diet. It only takes a slight excess of calories consumed each day to gain weight. 100 more calories (ONE APPLE) a day beyond what you burn and you will gain 10 TEN 10!!! pounds in one year.

    Yup just one apple (or half a soda can in most cases) beyond what your body burns and you are gaining weight! It is incredible how easy it is to gain weight when you have a slow metabolism. It is also incredible how efficient our bodies are so increasing our metabolism is a tremendous amount of work.

    It takes a lot less work to just eat less. get 500 calories below what you burn every single day for a week and you WILL loose 1 pound. problem is you probably burn a lot less then you think, and consume a lot more then you will admit.

  9. Oh boy says:

    Birth-control pills have a large percentage of women reporting weight gain of 15+ lbs, and also cause hormones in your body to act unnaturally, thus putting women at greater risk for cancers. Ovarian and [the mentioned] uterine cancers are pretty fast killers. The pill also contributes to lung cancer. Oopherectomies and full hysterectomies contribute to lung cancer as well.
    I have endometriosis, and I’ve had acne all my life, and I will never take those dangerous hormones. Life is difficult to deal with at times due to my condition, but at least I don’t have cancer.
    Not breastfeeding contributes to weight gain throughout life, and also contributes to [mentioned] breast and lung cancer.
    Does anyone ever look at these as a source of increased weight and increased cancers among women? Of course not. Treating the symptoms and not the cause is the way of our world.

  10. Oh boy says:

    John, you’re confused about the way your body breaks down different types of sugars contained in an apple, and a can of soda. I will agree, however, that some people’s metabolisms are worse than others. What to do? Eat that apple instead of drinking that soda. Adjust your diet to your metabolism. Excuses don’t help anyone lose weight.

  11. Oh boy says:

    What I wish, is that the minority would stop crying about things like this. When you said, “SOME of us”, that sums it up. We are all aware that SOME people have real conditions. By real I mean, in their genetic code, not brought on later in life by poor food choices.

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