Toxic Red Tide Algae Bloom Approaches Florida Coast

Florida warns of poisonous red tide algae bloom off its coast
Florida waters can be a dangerous place, but probably not for the reasons you might think. It’s not sharks you need to worry about, but other things lurking in the waters. Last month, Florida warned visitors of a flesh eating bacteria in its waters that had already managed to kill a few people while infecting even more. While the latest warning isn’t nearly as dire (at least for humans), it’s still a warning to be heeded by those visiting the Sunshine state.

Red tide made news when it forced people in Toledo, Ohio to stop using tap water last week due to a poisonous bloom in Lake Erie. The current toxic bloom off the Florida coast probably won’t cause as much of a pr


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5 Responses to Toxic Red Tide Algae Bloom Approaches Florida Coast

  1. steve says:

    The more I read about Florida, the more I think it’s just better to just avoid that state.

  2. bill says:

    I would take the toxic algae over the flesh eating bacteria, but since they are both there, I may have to agree with you. And that’s not even mentioning the deadly animals that are in the state.

  3. Deanx says:

    I live in Florida. I guess red tide is worse than than snow sleet and downed power lines. All in eye of beholder. AHA

  4. Ra says:

    Very happy to be here in Florida where I’ve got zero drought problems, unlike a lot of the country.

  5. Ed says:

    Love Sanibel … will be there in Nov …

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