Study Shows Video Games Are Good for Kids in Small Doses

Study: moderate amounts of video games are healthy for kids
Research published this week in The Journal of Pediatrics shows that video games might not be as bad for kids as most people think. Console and handheld fantasy games have previously been portrayed as having monstrous effects on children, supposedly causing everything from increases in violent behavior to intimacy problems and emotional detachment. This made a lot of parents try to steer their kids away from video games toward other activities such as board games. But according to Andrew Przybylski, an Experimental Psychologist and research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute in the UK, these negative attributes may not be true.

He decided to take a closer look at the issue and made som


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One Response to Study Shows Video Games Are Good for Kids in Small Doses

  1. dan says:

    Most things aren’t bad for you if you have the discipline do them in moderation. The problem with video games is some kids spend 8 hours a day playing them.

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