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Great Amazon Coins Deal for Amazon Fire Phone and Other Android Devices

Amazon Fire phone owners have a great Amazon coins offer
For anyone who owns a Amazon Android device such as an Amazon Fire Phone, Kindle or Fire TV, there is currently a great deal going on for new app or in-app purchases. In addition, any Android device with the Amazon Appstore installed can take advantage of this deal.

If you own any of these devices and you purchase apps for them on even a semi-regular basis, this promotion can save you 25% off their regular prices. Amazon is offering a limited time only deal to save $25 when you purchase $100 of Amazon Coins. When you purchase 10,000 Amazon Coins (worth $100 for app store purchases), you save 25% if you act quickly. This is a great deal for those who have devices like the new Fire Phone and know they will be using these credits over time.

The following deals on credit purchases are currently available:

  • 500 coins worth $5 for $4.80 (save $0.20 – 4% savings)
  • 1,000 coins worth $10 for $9.50 (save $0.50 – 5% savings)
  • 2,500 coins worth $25 for $23.00 (save $2.00 – 8% savings)
  • 5,000 coins worth $50 for $45.00 (save $5.00 – 10% savings)
  • 10,000 coins worth $100 for $75.00 (save $25.00 – 25% savings)

While all purchases give a discount, by far the best is the $100 worth of credits for $75. This, of course, is only the best deal if you would have spent $100 in the Appstore normally, even without this deal. If you wouldn’t normally spend this amount, then even with the savings it’s not a good deal. One of the important rules in good personal finance is to never spend more to get a discount if you wouldn’t normally spend that amount even without the discount.

The current offer is labeled as “limited time only” with no indication of when it will end. For that reason, if you do spend money on a regular basis in the Appstore, it makes sense to quickly act on this offer since it won’t likely be around for a long period of time.

It’s important to note that Amazon Coins can only be used for purchases for products in the Appstore, and they can’t be used to purchase other digital items such as music, movies or digital books. They also can’t be used to purchase physical items from the website. These credits are purely for purchasing apps or in-app purchases for Android devices.

For those who already use the Appstore, this is a wonderful deal. For those interested, the deal can be found here.

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