President Obama Signs Bill Making It Legal to Unlock Cell Phones

President Obama signs a law allowing consumer to unlock their cell phones and use them on other carriers
Good news for consumers. Last month both the Senate and House of Representatives passed a bill which allows customers to unlock their cellphone so it isn’t tethered to a specific service provider. President Obama has now signed the legislation turning it into law. This can save consumers money in a variety of ways.

When a consumer purchases a phone from a specific service provider, their phone may be locked into that service provider even after the contract has been fulfilled. That meant that if a consumer wanted to switch providers, they would need to purchase a new phone even if they wanted to use the phone they already had. This often meant that even if an alternative provider offe


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2 Responses to President Obama Signs Bill Making It Legal to Unlock Cell Phones

  1. william says:

    Why didn’t they make it forever? It’s a waste of time and money reviewing it every few years. If they want to change it back, just make another law to change it back.

  2. Tom says:

    The reason for the short-time frame reviews is because the carrier lobbyists are in control and want to see if their plans are going to make a good profit. Just recently most carriers have went to BYOP (bring-your-own-phone) pricing. If this doesn’t work out for them (i.e., big profits), they will force the law to be cancelled. Now that most people have cell phones, there is no money in selling phones – the carriers make their money from selling plans. This is a perfect example of a law created by lobbyists, for the lobbyists masters, – not for the people.

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