The Annoying Facebook Gifts Service Will End August 12, 2014

Facebook Gifts gift card service will end August 12
If you found it annoying when Facebook suggested you purchase and send a digital gift card to someone you hadn’t seen in years because it was their birthday, you weren’t alone. If you were one of the users who never used the service, you weren’t alone either. Facebook will be discontinuing their Facebook Gifts service on August 12, 2014 due to underwhelming demand.

The service has been around for two years. It was launched in September 2012 after Facebook purchased the Karma gift-giving app, but the giving gift idea never caught on with users. It originally offered actual gifts such as cupcakes, but shut that part of the operation down a year ago when it noted 80% of the p


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3 Responses to The Annoying Facebook Gifts Service Will End August 12, 2014

  1. bill says:

    Good riddance. I hated them constantly pushing that with the birthday reminders.

  2. emc says:

    Will miss ’em. I have a terrible memory and people LOVED getting them. The potential “givers” may hate the reminder and the “peddling” but the birthday receivers sure liked them. Maybe it is about folks learning to enjoy giving again. Long Live Ebenezer.

  3. Carolyne says:

    I really liked buying my gift cards on facebook it was a time saver I was just starting to use.

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