OkCupid Joins Facebook in an Admission That It Manipulated Users

OKCupid, like facebook, has been expeiments on thier users without their knowledge

OkCupid joins Facebook in admitting that it has manipulated its users. The popular American dating site owned by IAC works by providing users with ratings, or compatibility scores, based on questions they answer about their own personalities and interests. It then matches them with compatible mates.

This may sound relatively simple, but statistics show that even if people are matched up, it’s only likely to lead to a conversation 10% of the time. In a quest to ‘improve and test their services’, OkCupid played a trick on users by supplying sharply escalated compatibility scores and prompts to ‘just look at the photo’ of supposedly compatible mates. Unsurprising


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One Response to OkCupid Joins Facebook in an Admission That It Manipulated Users

  1. bill says:

    It seems pretty obvious to me that all these sites do things like this. If you trust any website 100%, you’re nuts.

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