Venice Beach Lightning Death is Second US Lightning Beach Death this Week

13 injured and 1 killed in lightning strike on Venice Beach
For the second time this week, a person has died as the result of a lightning strike while at the beach. According to the National Weather Service, a 41-year-old man walking along Fort Meyers Beach in Florida was struck and killed by lightning on Tuesday last week. Five days later, Nick Fagnano, a 21-year-old was killed by a lightning strike at Venice Beach in California.

The Venice Beach lightning strike injured at least 12 others, along with another person who was hit by lightning from the same storm on Catalina Island. The lightning appears to have hit the ocean just off of Venice Beach with the electrical current traveling through the water to hit swimmers and surfers in the area.

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One Response to Venice Beach Lightning Death is Second US Lightning Beach Death this Week

  1. J in MT says:

    As a life long Montanan, I actually do consider lightning an every day threat; especially in those Spring and Summer months spent backpacking in the Beartooth Mountains, where storms pop up and blow over very quickly.

    I also grew up in a small town that sits on an aquifer, so lightning strikes were drawn in to us. Nearly every house in town had an additional lightning rod on it, and our house was hit more than once. When the lightning hits your house, you don’t actually hear the thunder… Just the crackle, the sizzle, and the pop of the actual bolt. It’s very surreal!

    Like Jeffrey said, if you can hear the thunder, you’re not safe. But don’t wait for the first thunder clap, because the first bolt could be looking for you!

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