Dow Sees Biggest Decline in Six Weeks as S&P 500 Fails to Extend Record Closes

Dow closes with biggest weekly decline in 6 weeks
The week for stocks looked so promising through Thursday, but Friday brought about a sour note, leaving stocks lower for the Dow than where it began for the week, and erasing record highs the S&P 500 had been achieving during the week. The Friday decline managed to thwart the chance for indexes to end at another week of record highs.

The S&P 500 index has squeezed out three record days in a row from Tuesday through Thursday, but investors found negatives in a number of areas on Friday that wiped out all the gains made during the week. The S&P 500 had been flirting with 2,000 all week, but failed to ultimately make it there. The index was down 9.6 points for the day (-0.48%) endin


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3 Responses to Dow Sees Biggest Decline in Six Weeks as S&P 500 Fails to Extend Record Closes

  1. daniel says:

    It’s about time that people realized Amazon isn’t a good place to be investing money.

  2. I wonder why El Pollo Loco was looking so strong. I haven’t noticed anything significant happening with them which might boost them up.

  3. Curly4 says:

    There is a very big problem with the stock market now days. The problem is that the small investor has not the ability to trade like the large investors have there for cannot take advantage of the ups and downs that the large investors cause. The large investors (institutional) can cause the market to go up by buying and then drop by selling thus the small investor taken advantage of. The large and institutional investors are getting rich on the backs of the small.
    The other problem is the price of stocks is NOT based on earnings but on the loose money policies of the government. Let the government stop the buyback and the value of the stocks will drop dramatically. The large and institutional investors seem to have a heads up on when the government changes these policies and get out of the market before the market drops. The large investors gets gets out at the expense of small investors.

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