Energy Drinks and Alcohol: a Cocktail Combination with Serious Consequences

Study: mixing alcohol and energy drinks  encourages binge drinking
A substance use research group at the Australian National University of Canberra has published research this week which shows the practice of mixing alcohol with caffeinated energy drinks can have serious side effects. This, after a study earlier this month indicated no alcohol is better for your heart, than small amounts of alcohol.

The study by researchers, Rebecca McKetin and Alice Coen, blind-tested people’s thirst and desire to drink more of two different drinks. The first was a mix of vodka, fruit juice and soda while the second drink was vodka with Red Bull, one of the many caffeinated pre-mixers on the market.

The results proved caffeinated drinks cause an increased desire for


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6 Responses to Energy Drinks and Alcohol: a Cocktail Combination with Serious Consequences

  1. daniel says:

    Who cares? You don’t party to stay healthy. You party to get drunk and have fun.

  2. SM Miller says:

    Alcohol is a CNS Depressant. Period. That is “Central Nervous System” Any “FEELING” of this drug as a stimulant is caused by the alcohol releasing your normal brains function and its ability to resist what you would normally ‘NOT DO”. “Tequila makes my cloths fall off”. “I’m Mario Andretti and I can prove it.” That being said, Red Bull is a stimulant. Your now weakened mental state from the CNS Depressant “Alcohol” allows for the Red Bull to make you want more and the alcohol has weakened your normal response to say no.

  3. happygirl says:

    They needed to complete a “study” to find this out? I thought this was common knowledge. Fail

  4. Levi says:

    Energy drinks are good for you.

  5. Ed D says:

    Agreed. I’d focus your point on the negative health affects those drinks have in general, especially in excess. But don’t tell me redbull is the reason for my poor drunk decision process. Too much whiskey does that just as well as too much redbull n vodka. I just get there standing a little straighter when I’ve got the redbull 😉

  6. Awesomemark says:

    This article was great! Just reading it made me want to drink more!

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