Man Set House on Fire Trying to Kill Spider: The Best Way to Kill Spiders

A man in Seattle set his house on fire trying to kill a spider with a lighter and spray can
No matter what the Internet says, killing spiders with fire isn’t a good way to do it. A man in West Seattle found this out the hard way when he took a lighter and a can of spray paint to a spider crawling on the wall of his rented house according to KOMO news. The result was a dead spider (presumably), but also $40,000 of damage to the rental house he was living in, plus another $20,000 worth of damage to furniture and other home furnishings which ended up getting damaged by the smoke and flames.

The man explained to the fire authorities he accidentally set the home on fire when he tried to kill a spider on his laundry room wall which was trying to crawl inside it. By lighting the li


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