Comcast Viral Customer Service Cancellation Fail Takeaway: You Can Lower Your Bill

Comcast customer service fail can mean a discount for you services
If you haven’t seen the cringe-worthy Comcast customer service call of a man trying to cancel his service, you should (see below). While this is something nobody should ever have to suffer through, there is a good takeaway from it for your personal finances. It shows that you have a lot more leverage in getting your Internet lowered if you want. By calling and telling them you want to cancel, you can often get your bills significantly reduced.

This audio show to what lengths they will go to try and keep you as a customer, and that gives you the upper hand when trying to get a better price for what you’re paying for Comcast services. If you are willing to go through with a cancel


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3 Responses to Comcast Viral Customer Service Cancellation Fail Takeaway: You Can Lower Your Bill

  1. Oh, man, I feel so bad for that guy. I would not have had that much patience!

  2. Jamie says:

    Omg! I really hope that guy was fired! They are NOT the best service at all. If the other better companies would do a deal where people don’t have to pay a huge deposit then comcast would be out of business!! Their customer service representatives are all rude and condescening! Well at least every time I’ve spoken to them. The customer service is the worst thing about them! Even with their service being crap. It’s actually really sad. The representatives like this are the reason more & more people are cancelling their service!

  3. Maxwell says:

    Listening to that made me wanna die

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