Warren Buffet Donates a Record $2.8 Billion to Charity

Warren Buffet donates a record $2.8 billion to charity
Warren Buffett is a generous man, as in giving away billions of dollars generous (he also has a favorite business book you’ve never read). He’s continuing to live up to his Giving Pledge which encourages the world’s wealthiest people to pledge to donate a majority of their wealth to philanthropic causes. 210 have made the pledge, with Buffett pledging to give away 99% of his fortune. The organization is now focusing on getting more of the wealthiest living in other countries to also participate in the challenge.

Not being satisfied with last year’s $2.6 billion donation to charity, he topped it by giving a record $2.8 billion to set a new personal philanthropy donati


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7 Responses to Warren Buffet Donates a Record $2.8 Billion to Charity

  1. Kelly says:

    Seems to me he is giving money to “Friends and Family” to pick and choose where it actually goes – I am not impressed

  2. Stewart says:

    They are charitable foundation gifts not personal gifts for relatives. The IRS can ensure spending is for legitimate charitable uses of funds as required. Give him credit.

  3. Warren B. says:

    Uh oh, it doesn’t pass the Kelly test. She is not impressed. Looks like that’s 2.8 billion down the drain.

  4. Frank says:

    OK, If you give me 65 billon dollars, I will sign a binding pledge to donate 99% of it to charity.

  5. Jim says:

    Nobody gave Buffett 65 billion. He built a company worth a fortune and his stock is valued at 65 billion. He is now giving it to charity. I find that pretty damn impressive.

  6. Good for him! 2.8 billion is a TON of money. I suspect that for some of those charities, they will now have large enough endowments that they can operate for decades to come, which is amazing.

  7. sellous says:

    All who applaud such move and consider it a real humanitarian gesture are nothing but fools, these thieves know well what they are doing, this is just another ploy to get back their money.

    If you think that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or many of these other super rich care a damn about the poor then you send and ask them for a pair of shoes or help in paying your rent or mortgagee and see if you get a dime.

    What these wealthy blood sucking ghost/oppressors need to do, is to set up what is called World Help Organization, as in W.H.O and start helping people on an individual basis, donating all that money to so called Charity is nothing but a waste, as it is going towards the 5 Star hotels that those at the top stay at on what is suppose to be poor people’s business.

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