Father Claims Land and Declares Himself King so His Daughter Can Be a Princess

Father claims land in Africa to make is daughter a princess for her birthday wish
How far, and at what cost, would you go to to get your daughter a birthday gift she desired? Would you be willing to travel half way around the world, create a country and declare yourself king to make your child’s birthday wish come true? That’s exactly what one father decided to do when his daughter made a birthday request most parents would have smiled at and then promptly forgotten.

The name Jeremiah Heaton may sound vaguely familiar to residents of his home state Virginia, where in 2012 he ran a failed campaign for congress. But Jeremiah Heaton is also about to become a rather well known man in Africa as the self-proclaimed leader of the Kingdom of North Sudan.

His journey


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4 Responses to Father Claims Land and Declares Himself King so His Daughter Can Be a Princess

  1. dave says:

    Father of the year right there…

  2. Richard says:

    But what will he do to top that next year? Her expectations of what she can get have been ruined for life.

  3. Gus says:

    This is absurd! That land is being disputed by two nations, that does not mean it has no owner! There are several areas in the world being disputed by neighboring nations. Aside, they are turning this girl into a spoiled brat.

  4. Abi @ Debt Free in Dubai says:

    What an odd thing to do? They’ve eschewed this child’s expectations from life.

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