Sobering Research Encourages Less Alcohol for a Healthier Heart

Study: alcohol consumption can be bad for your heart
Contradictory new research has surfaced on the effects of light to moderate drinking on cardiovascular health. It turns out that your end of the workday treat could be causing more harm than good. Traditionally, light to moderate drinkers (those who enjoy between 12 and 25 units a week) have been assured by the medical profession that an after work glass of wine is actually good for the heart.

This was due to research from an extensive range of studies, which have previously found that small amounts of alcohol can actually have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.

But on July 10th, new research published by the British Medical Journal suggests just the opposite. It was written


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3 Responses to Sobering Research Encourages Less Alcohol for a Healthier Heart

  1. Jose Orozco says:

    I give this study result a whole-hearted : Whatever! :) Just like the Bacon is bad for you = Duh conclusion… Wine, like Bacon makes us happy.. so light & moderate consumption FOR LIFE.. however long/short that is. I think ppl pushing 80,90,and 100+ years old are just so frail… whats the point? Live a long enough life to see grand-upon-grand kids grow then checkout… saying “Thank you for all the Wine & Bacon!” 😉

  2. Lionel Messi says:

    Why the intentionally misleading headline? The study found that people with a gene already known to cause adverse reactions to alcohol consumption should drink less (although they probably already do!). It apparently says nothing about everyone else. The headline is crafted to create general interest, since far fewer people would click on “Study Finds People With Anti-Alcohol Gene Shouldn’t Drink.”

  3. helen godman says:

    Thank you for explaining to the world that some people simply cannot drink alcohol. Alcohol has always made me feel worse, not better. I am so tired of everyone insisting that I drink, even my husband. They think I am some prudish, social miscreant who doesn’t like having fun. No, I just don’t like feeling sick.

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