How Much Do World Cup Final Tickets Cost 2014?

The cost of world cup tickets to the final game in Brazil
With the World Cup final just around the corner, some people may be wondering, “How much are tickets to the World Cup final game?” The answer would depend a lot on whether or not you already have a ticket for the game. Even if you bought your tickets early, you had to pay quite a bit, but for those who are only now looking to score tickets, you’re going to have to pay a lot more than the face value to secure yourself a ticket.

The original face value for tickets to the final game this year, according to FIFA, sold for between $440 and $990. That’s not cheap, but it’s a lot less than the $3,000 to $20,000 being sought for the same tickets on secondary ticket sale sites with the game just a day away.

As with most big one-day sporting events, the issue is supply and demand. Even though Maracana Stadium in Brazil can hold as many as 75,000 people, there are many more than that who would love to see the game in person. With demand for the tickets far outstripping the supply, those who have tickets for sale can ask for premium prices many times over their face value for them

Tickets for sale on eBay leading up to the final game could be found for as little as $3,000, and as much as $18,000. On the website Viagogo, a popular worldwide ticket seller, the price for a ticket was as high as $20,000. On StubHub, a popular ticket event reseller in the US, all the tickets had been sold out.

For anyone planning on trying to buy tickets at the stadium, approach doing so with extreme caution. Scalping tickets in illegal in Brazil and if caught, you could lose your money and the ticket you purchased, which would end up being an extremely costly disappointment.

While it certainly isn’t the same as being in the stadium watching Germany and Argentina play in person, you’re likely to get a much better view, and be able to see more of the action, at home in front of the TV. It will also be a wonderfully inexpensive alternative to being at the game for your finances. You could throw an excellent World Cup party for family and friends for a fraction of what it would cost to get a finals ticket now, and you’ll still have a great time in the process.

(Photo courtesy of Jorge in Brazil)

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  1. david says:

    I’m fine sitting at home and watching the game for free on my TV for those prices. I can’t understand why anyone would pay that much money for any type of ticket.

  2. Abdull says:

    you mad brooooooo

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