The Profit TV Star Marcus Lemonis Likes His Crumbs

Crumbs cupcakes may have buyers after filing for bankruptcy
There was a sliver of hope for those who love their gourmet cupcakes after the bad news that Crumbs cupcakes had closed up all its stores and filed for bankruptcy after defaulting on over $9 million in loans. It appears there are a couple of saviors who wants to put all the “crumbs” back together and build a cupcake empire again. An investment group lead by Marcus Lemonis LLC and Fischer Enterprises, LLC has offered to lend financing to the company to complete the bankruptcy process. They then hope to purchase the company’s assets to create a private company to bring back to life. The deal provides hope for the company, but it still needs to be approved by the bankruptcy co...

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One Response to The Profit TV Star Marcus Lemonis Likes His Crumbs

  1. gail says:

    It’s beyond me why anyone would pay close to $5 for a cupcake, but that’s just me. It might also be why they ended up going out of business.

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