You’re Obese Because You’re Lazy, Not Because You Eat Too Much

Obesity from lack of exercise, not what we eat
A report by Stanford University researchers, set to appear in the American Journal of Medicine’s August issue, shows a remarkable correlation between a dwindling amount of time spent exercising and the worrisome rise of obesity among Americans. Somewhat surprisingly, the study also found no significant increase in daily caloric intake. The study is based on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, beginning in 1988 and continuing until 2010. A dramatic shift is evident in the percentage of adults who reported completely avoiding exercise in their free time. Among men, this number grew from 11 to 43 percent, and for women, it increased from 19 percent to 52 percen...

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4 Responses to You’re Obese Because You’re Lazy, Not Because You Eat Too Much

  1. Rui De Oliveira Lima says:

    Or maybe youre obese because of the drugs your medical doctores say you have to take… search for the side efects in google for everything they say you have to medicated and be, amusingly sad, surprised

  2. LDNP says:

    Perhaps people are taking all those medications because they are so obese that their bodies are failing and need help to keep their blood pressure down and arteries clear. Just a thought.

  3. Gailete says:

    The first commentor is correct in that many medications do cause weight gain, especially those given for mental health. Some people have medical conditions, problems with their thyroid for one, that cause the weight gain. Some people can’t exercise due to medical condidions as well. I’m sitting here in agony due to rheumatoid arthritis. I would love to take a walk outside but since I can barely walk from one part of the house to another, it isn’t possible.

    While much weigth gain can fall at the feet of overeating, it isn’t the only reason and those who make value judgements about why a person is fat (I’m not talking about a doctor discussing the problem with you) should be ashamed of themselves. Do they really think that obese people want to be obese? Since we have to eat food, eating is a hard habit to break just like smoking, drugs, etc.

  4. Cara says:

    First of all this article makes me angry because it is the general view taken by thin people, and I’m one of the thin ones. Or at least I have been thin all my life but now that I’m taking Lyrica for nerve pain ( from an injury ) which causes rapid weight gain it is a daily struggle to keep my weight down.

    My daughter is a RN in a hospital. She has worn a pedometer and walks 5 miles in a shift and often lifts heavy patients. She does not lack exercise but she is obese. She is obese because her thyroid was destroyed by benign tumors. This article does not consider medical conditions at all and I would guess that the percentage of obese people who have medical problems is somewhat significant.

    While I do agree that many people are fat from eating the wrong foods and not exercising I don’t think exercise is the total answer. I’m a retired nutritionist and if you consider the fact that many people eat way too much processed food and very convenient snacks I’d say our Standard American Diet and fast food has as much to do with the problem as lack of exercise.

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