Washington State Legal Recreational Marijuana Won’t Be Cheap

Washington state begins selling legal recreational marijuana this week
Washington state will begin selling the first legal recreational marijuana in licensed stores this week, but those who wander into the few which are open may also find a bit of sticker shock. That’s because the price of marijuana at the new legal stores is likely to be at least double the price of marijuana available at the unregulated medical dispensaries, and possibly much more. There are a number of reasons why prices will be expensive, and while they’ll likely continue to be for the foreseeable future.


The biggest issue causing the high prices will be a lack of supply. There are relatively few licensed growers at this time, and of those who are licensed, few have star


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3 Responses to Washington State Legal Recreational Marijuana Won’t Be Cheap

  1. hamchan says:

    Most people I know who are using with any real frequency either grow their own, have a medical card (they are not difficult or expensive to get), or both. Some people will definitely be more than happy to pay the high prices for it though.

  2. crashard says:

    I’m a new user(over age 45) where can I obtain some mj discretely?

  3. Alan Linell says:

    You’re kidding, right?

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