Credit Karma Warns Shoppers Who Get Store Credit Cards for a Discount

Credit Karma: 20% of people who are offered a discount will sign up for a store credit card
It wasn’t that long ago when retail stores would offer you a freebie to open up a credit card account. While this still happens, there has been a shift to retail outlets offering an immediate percentage discount off of a purchase to sign up for a credit card. With the second half of the year now upon us, chances are you’ll begin to hear the question more from cashiers about whether you would like to save a certain amount off your purchase (usually 10% – 30%) simply for applying for a store credit card.

It’s an effective strategy for the stores. In a survey commissioned earlier this year through Harris Interactive by Credit Karma, of the over 2,000 adults questioned,


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  1. Yes, I observed lots of credit card agents offered different kind of freebies if you will sign up for their credit cards. They didn’t realize that it’s already an impulse sign-up and they didn’t make a background check on the company.

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