Experts Point to Four Major Future Threats to an Unrestricted Internet

Pew research: four threats to the Internet
Will the Internet always be as free as it is today? It’s certainly less restrictive in some places of the world than others, and many companies and governments have a different view of how free it should be compared to the average citizen. It’s a question the Pew Research Center Internet Project put to 1,400 experts in a study (PDF) who were asked whether or not they felt the prospects of the Internet remaining as unrestricted as it is today would remain through the year 2025? While most believe it will continue to have most of the freedom we see today, they did note there are four major threats which could change the way the Internet currently runs.

The experts were all asked t


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3 Responses to Experts Point to Four Major Future Threats to an Unrestricted Internet

  1. Eric says:

    Why does any of this matter? This isn’t something the government can control, this is the Internet, we will find a way around it.
    Expect us.

  2. justaperson says:

    I just wonder what the older people from a few years ago, who fought younger people saying that the government didn’t choose what we had access to on the web, are saying now? Are they still so obediently not believing what is right in front of their faces?

  3. justaperson says:

    Really? Did you really just say that. Please, for the sake of humanity, THINK!!!!!!

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