The Guide to Quitting Your Job and Starting a Business You’ll Love

Quit your job and start a business
Working for someone else is never someone’s idea of a dream job. In fact, many people sit in their regular job and dream of starting their own business. If you have ever thought about doing this, what’s holding you back? The most common excuse for not starting your own business is fear of failure. It is simply too big of a risk when you have financial responsibilities. However, when done properly, there is actually little to no risk at all. You just have to be smart about how you start up your business and how you grow your clientele. If you follow this advice, you can start your own business and finally have all the savings in the bank you need to retire early.

Analyze Your Pas


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3 Responses to The Guide to Quitting Your Job and Starting a Business You’ll Love

  1. Looks like I’m behind with my blog. Not that I’ve earned money, but I have paid it, so seems like that qualifies me as behind in more ways than one! Very helpful article – had no idea about the EIN or using that alternate ID to set up a bank account!

  2. Eric says:

    I love this! get working. most of the time we dream and never wake up and act. sometimes we lose focus. All we need is the passion, vision and discipline,as this article shows

  3. Charlie McCormick says:

    A lot of us go through life just getting by financially, then when we retire, we find ourselves trying to live on far less than we struggled to live on before. We may settle in places like Chiang Mai, Thailand where the cost of living is incredibly low, but often we still find that our retirement checks just don’t cover the expenses. We are forced to try to find ways to supplement our retirement checks, but must, at the same time, be aware of local visa regulations that restrict our work possibilities. Internet based income may be one of the few options available to us in those situations.

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